She was sitting in my lap contemplating what would happen if she pulled the next move. I kissed her shoulder and twirled her hair. Her hands hovered over my jeans, “Friends don’t kiss.” She whispered. She pressed her hands on my chest shoving me into the armrest on the couch. She unhooked herself from me and left the couch taking the blankets with her. The cold air invaded my hot thoughts sending me from my trance. “Leave. Now.” She pointed at the door and looked down. I silently walked to the door. I had crossed the line. She didn’t want us to be like that. There never was an us. Before I left I turned back to her, “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” She nodded and I left.

At home I sat in my room thinking of her, not World War 2. I didn’t even know her and she didn’t know me. The only class we shared was AP Chem. We only kissed 3 times and I was in for this girl. When I’m around her I feel like I can be me. I can joke with her; I can tell her about my dreams and tell her my favorite songs. I’m addicted to her little giggle, whenever I’m gifted of being of the presence to hear it. The way her windblown hair makes her look sexy and strong. The fact that she is strong makes me smile. When under pressure she is amazing. Even though she has it hard she pushes through.

I looked down at my S.S paper and noticed my mistake. For every question I answered with a way that I like Ella. I’m screwed.


No, not now. I slammed my head onto my desk once, twice.


Go away; I’m busy dating my fantasy girlfriend. I covered my ears and slammed my head down again.

“Ethan! I’ve been calling your name! I need you down stairs now!” Mom yelled. I sighed and followed her out. She pushed down on my shoulders forcing me to sit on the kitchen stool.

“What is it mom?”

She passed furiously before me, her black heels clacking up a storm. “Your scholarship to MSU has been canceled.” She stated blankly.

Shit, no, shit, what? “Why? Did they find someone with a higher GPA then me? I can get better.” My life was going to shit. My scholarship, my future… gone. Now I was shouting, “How could they?! I was guaranteed a scholarship since October. They can’t just cancel!”

My mom was stroking my face trying to calm me, “Shhh, honey it’s okay. There are other colleges and universities.”

I picked up the stool and threw it into the wall were the legs broke off and the seat shattered. “Fuck other colleges and universities! I was guaranteed a spot at Michigan State Universities!”

My mother’s face was in total utter shock and fear. Then it changed to hatred and anger, “You act just like your father!”

I got right up in her face, “I’m nothing like that disgrace of a man that you fucked in High School!”

She shoved her tiny hands on my chest pushing back an inch, “Out! Now!”

“Fine!” with that I packed and left, I had been kicked out of two homes today and now had nowhere to go. I ran to the truck and drove many miles over the speed limit all the way to Ella’s house. I knew that she didn’t want to see me but she would calm me. I needed to be with my dear sweet Ella. I had the duffle bag slung over my shoulder and I knocked on her door lightly. If I nocked any harder I would punch a hole through her door. She answered the door dressed in purple fuzzy pajama bottoms and a tank top, her hair was its usual sexy windblown way. She was sad to see me, not angry. Her eyes were tiered and sad, “Why can’t you stay away. That’s all I’ve ever asked of you, stay away.”

She wouldn’t look at me. Her eyes were fixated on something invisible behind me, “I just… can I please come in.” she sighed and moved to the side and let me through. Once the door was closed she picked up the blue blanket from earlier and warped around her shoulders. She sighed again and left me in the foyer. I watched her walk away and my eyes found their way to her scars. What happened to my dear sweet Ella? She sat down at a window seat and picked up a book and began to read. She ignored me as I made my way to the kitchen, leaving my shoes on because the floor is deathly cold. On the counter I un-zipped my duffle bag and took out the containers of food I snagged from my house. I placed a few in the fridge for her to eat later, the rest I heated up in the microwave.

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