Chapter twentyone

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Lamar pov

Beep Beep Beep

I hit the snooze button on the alarm clock , it was 7:45 am . I look down at my beautiful girlfriend and smiled she was sleeping so cute with her head on my chest and leg wrapped around my body . I untangled myself without waking her and quickly order room service. I took a 15 min shower , and washed my now curly hair . Once I got out I put on some sweats and I white tee with my jays .

In less than 10 min I hear a knock on the door ,.I knew it was room service so I grabbed a twenty dollar tip and open the door . After I set up our breakfast , I went over and woke nae up .

Me : nae , baby wake up

Nae : five more minutes

Me : no , get up

She put the pillow over her head and went back to sleep , "rashanae deshuntii cole " I said , she looked from under the pillow then threw it at me , "never say the whole government " I caught the pillow and told her to get dressed while I went to the balcony to eat .

Nae pov

I was in the shower just thinking about last night , and omg it was amazing ..... But I got out the shower and did my hygiene thing . I went and put on some sweats and a black tee with my black grapes with a purple bandanna.

I walked out onto the balcony and seen all my favorite foods , I went over to Lamar and kissed him

Me : omg I love you

Him : I love you more baby girl

Before we started to eat I took a picture of us , the food , and the suite then put it on Instagram my caption was : time with baee is priceless 😘😍👫 @__rashanae's hubby , in less than twenty minutes I had like 187 likes and 89 comments .

After we finished eating we packed up the little gifts and headed home .


@ home

We made it home around 10:38 and everyone was still sleeping , I went to check on my babies and they were sleeping so cute .

Then out of nowhere I had to throw up , I ran to the bathroom and let everything go . After I was finished Lamar came in

Him : everything ok baby girl

Me : ummm yea I'm fine , I think

Him : you sure , want me to go get bry or Angieee

Me : no I'm good

Him : iight

After I got cleaned up I changed in to my blue fitted skirt , with a black crop top and a blue jean ripped jacket and the gamma blue 11's , I flatiron my hair and put on some lipgloss . After I got all dolled up I call my dad

Dad : wassup princess

Me : umm dad can you tell pudy to get ready , I wanna take him somewhere

Dad : yea ok

Me: ok dad , I be there in about 45 minutes

Dad: ok. Bye

After I got off the phone , I went to check on everyone and it was the same as the way I came in . I grabbed my keys and headed out the door .

*45 min later*

I pulled up to my moms house and got out. Before I could even knock the door was open and my dad was standing there . "Hey dad" I said "hey princess " he replies , I went in and spoke to my mom then pudy and I were on our way to ihop . When we made it there and got out I noticed we were matching he had on blue Levi's , with a black tee and the gamma also , all I could do was laugh

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