The wrong letter

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Intercom: so have you made your decision Richard


Intercom: huh now that's interesting are you dead


Intercom: hm oh well so be it bye bye former detective now I only have 11 detectives left oh well

( opens door )

Steven: what the hell the door just opened

Crystal: should we go in

Steven: eh I'm afraid to do so but we don't have a choice now do we he said he would open a door once we passed that stupid game and so he did might as well take this chance

Crystal: (sigh) okay you go through first

Steven: scardy cat

(goes through)

Steven: huh this looks just like the last wall back then

Crystal: you mean where we woke up

Steven: pretty much but there's a dead guy ........ Over......... There.........HEY ARE YOU ALL RIGHT!!!!!!

( runs toward Richard )

Steven: hey wake up HEY WAKE UP YOU MORON!!!!!

Crystal: is he dead

Steven: no he has a pulse but he lost some blood guessing he was stabbed

Crystal: can you save him

Steven: ya he didnt lose to much blood I'm sure he'll wake up in a day or 2

Crystal: good maybe he can tells more about this creepy place when he wakes up

Steven: ya I hope so too


I: okay so all we have to do is connect this arm to the right person and we complete his stupid game right

Nicky: that's what he said

I: okay then turn on the lights


I: whoa

Nicky: oh my............

I: ya cover your eyes this is not something you should see

Nicky: no you need my help on thus don't worry I can handle it

I: okay if you say so

( looks at the bodies)

Nicky: hey Isaiah

I: what

Nicky: I think I found it

I: really let me see

Nicky : look same skin color and tattoo design

I: huh your right lets see

(arm attaches to body)

I: eh this is gross ........ Hey it fits

( arm grabs Isaiah's arm)

I: whoa what the hell let go

Body: thank you for returning my arm


Body: not for long but no I can die whole so as a reward I'll give you this key it will release the handcuffs ........... Thank........... You ............. And............ Goodb..........

I: HEY WAIT ......WAIT........... AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH SON OF A...........,.... forget thanks dead guy I wish I could have done something better for you

( un cuffs handcuffs )

I: Nicky lets go

Nicky: ( crying )

I: hey don't worry well get out of here I promise you that okay do chin up okay

Intercom: well good job you could solve it


Intercom: my my and her I was congratulating you oh we'll how sad but I guess I must keep my part of this so here's your friend

I: HUH!!!

( Selvia comes out the door)

I and Nicky: SELVIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

S: oh thank god your alive

( hugs both of them )

I: what happened are you alright

S: yeah but I don't know what happened someone put me through a door and it locked on its own I try to get Richard to get me out but he didn't hear me

I: whoa Richard was with you where is he

S: I don't know

Nicky: are you sure

S: yes I am sure I don't know where he is

Intercom: well are you done with your reunion yes I know it's touching but let's go on to the next game shall we

I: Screw that where's Richard

Intercom: well you should forget about him he failed the game and is now dead so let's continue

I, S, and Nicky: WWWWHHHHHAAAAATTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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