Two Lives

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It's hard. Very hard to see everyone around you die while you stay young. I've learned not to love. The mere aspect of love puts me on guard.

Whatever. It's the 21st century, there are many people who say they're forever alone, except for me, it's quite literal.

I moved back to London about five years ago from Germany; I had a bit of trouble there.

I get out of my car and walk up the steps to my flat. I grab my keys out of my bag. In order to keep my cover, I had to room with a student in university, Jenna. She has become a good friend of mine, that is why I must leave soon. I can't bare to lose her to.

Turning the lock, I push open the door and close it behind me.

"Jenna? You home?" I call out.

"Upstairs!" I hear her call faintly.

I jog up to the second floor and push her bedroom door open to find her lying on her bed watching "Dracula".

Wow, really? That movie is so stereotypical, I swear.

"Why in the hell are you watching this?" I question, surprised.

"I'm honestly not sure," she chirps, hopping off her bed and coming towards me. "I got extremely bored. But now that you're home, I'm not."

"That movie sucks." I insist.

"Yeah, I know. It makes me wonder though," she states, walking ahead of me down to the living room.

I give her a questioning look when she turns to me. "Wonder what?"

She sits on the couch, propping her feet up before answering. "It makes me wonder if there really are vampires out there." I tense up, though she doesn't seem to notice as she continues to speak. "I wonder what they're like." Her interest in the subject isn't very wise.

"A hot vampire guy sounds good to me, Edward Cullen is alright but I'd prefer no sparkles"

She has no idea how close she's sitting to one.

I've contemplated telling Jenna about what I am, I'm just not sure how she would react; telling my secret hasn't been very easy in the past.

When I was in Paris in 1912, I was living with the maid of a rich business tycoon. At that point, the world was still mourning the loss of the passengers on the Titanic. I befriended the maid's daughter, Jacqueline Giri.

I had thought that telling her the truth would help me to settle in one place.

I was terribly wrong.

Jacqueline was afraid of me, she called me a monster and ran to get her mother.

Before she returned, I had packed a small bag and climbed out of the window.

Telling Jenna could have a numerous amount of outcomes.

Not many of them being good.

"Are you okay?" Jenna asked me, looking a bit concerned.

"I'm fine. Do you want some popcorn?" I ask her while she flips through the movie channels.

"Yeah, thanks, bring me some-"

"Chocolate. Yeah yeah I know, I'll bring you some." I huff, a small laugh escaping my lips.

"You know me so well, Lace." She grins like a little kid on Christmas morning.

Jenna is the one exception to my anti-love vow. She is my best friend, the best one I've ever had in all of my eternal life. Though I still keep my emotional distance.

"Don't forget my chocolate!" she shouts from the other room.

"oh shut up I know!" I call back to her.



"WAKE UP, LAZY ARSE!" Niall screams into my ear, causing me to hit him blindly in the nuts. He groans in pain and walks away. I smile into my pillow and curl into a fetal position in my bed.

"I'm never waking him again," I hear Niall say to the boys. "Next time it's you Liam."

"Wait, why me?!" Liam exclaims.

"'Cause you're the least likely to get hit," explains Louis, chuckling. They all laugh and I can just imagine Liam pouting.

I hear footsteps approach my bed and the next thing I know, I'm on the floor without my blanket.

"Louis!" I yell as he runs out of my room. "Yanking me out of bed." I mumble to myself angrily.

I walk to the shower and turn on the water. After washing myself quickly, I wrap a towel around my torso and go to my closet. I throw on a gray Guns N' Roses t-shirt and black jeans, then walk out of my room toward the kitchen of our hotel suite where the boys are seated around the table.

"Why did you wake me up so violently?" I question them all.

Zayn looks at me and replies, "Haz, we've been trying to get you up for over half an hour."

I groan and open the fridge to pour myself some milk. "Why so early?" I whine. I'm not much of a morning person, plus we spent most of our time on the plane yesterday from America. The jet lag is getting to me.

"We have a busy day, Harry. We are always busy, and you know that." Zayn states.

"Plus," Niall adds. "We have an interview and signing in an hour so there's no time to sleep in."


"I'm really not in the mood for this." I say as we pile into the van on our way to Chance Taylor Live.

(A/N: I couldn't think of a better name for the talk show, so bear with me!)

"None of us are, so stop whining, mate. You're starting to sound like a girl on her period," Louis jokes, laughing.

I punch him in his arm and he shoots me a glare. I chuckle and smirk. "Oops!"

What I'm not looking forward to is being smothered by many creepy girls. Don't get me wrong, I do love our fans and without them we wouldn't be here, but some of them just creep me out. Many times I've gotten proposed to and once even asked to father a girl's child. Very unpleasant.

"We're almost there," the driver tells us, causing me to groan.

"No matter how much you don't want to, mate, we have to do this." says Liam.

"Yeah, Harry, so smile a bit and at least act like you're happy?" asks Zayn.

"Alright." I agree. The van stops and there's already hundreds of screaming girls outside. Taking a deep breath, I put on my best fake smile.

"Okay, here we go!" The door to the van slides open.


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