Love Is Horrid

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Chapter 1
Jazzlyne's POV
I walked through the halls of school my crush Josh was coming back soon and she was excited and day dreamed until the three popular girls in school bumped into her. "Watch where your going slut bag" Josh's ex girlfriend said. Just then I saw Josh come up and tell her off oh i was so happy! I then picked up the books they made me drop and looked at his dreamy eyes. "Are you ok?" He asked me. "Yeah I'm fine" I replied smiling. "Here" He gave me his number and walked off. I quickly put it away then just walked to class and didn't pay attention one bit until the teacher called on me and I completely embarrassed myself in front of everyone so i walked out bumping into Josh.
Josh's POV
I came in and saw my ex being rude to my crush so I told her off and I helped Jazzlyne pick up her books. I noticed her looking at me so i smiled. "Are you ok?" I asked "Yeah I'm fine" She answered in her sweet and soft tone

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