When we got there, Natalie was down in the book store helping Allison. We slipped up stairs. I made a mid-afternoon snack of grilled cheese. They decided to play Monopoly. I did the grilled cheese with bacon, ham, and pickles. I added garlic to it too. My dad used to back them for us kids. I still don't sure if Damon is lying about everything or not. I mean it seems too far fetch. But I'm just going to believe him because I really want my dad to be alive. I didn't want Bailey to be fatherless.

"Food is done." I called in the living room. They came run. I put chips on the table too.
"Thanks, Vee-Bee." Bailey said, kissing my check.
"Thank." Johnny added.
"Thank you, Victoria." Damon said.
"You're all very welcome."

We took our plates in the living room. I watched them play Monopoly and eat. We easily got our food and game going. Bailey ended up winning. Just because she put hotels on everything when she had the money, and left some on the side. Just like I taught her. Johnny seemed to take it really hard.

"But that's not fair. I want to win. Not Bailey." He started to cry.
"Johnny, you know life isn't fair." Damon tired to tell him gently.
"Johnny, how about I let you sleep with froggy?" Bailey asked. Bailey had a frog that she slept with every night. She never slept without it.
"Are you sure?" But you could tell Johnny's eyes light up.

"You guys can sleep on the couch tonight. That way you can watch your favorite movie to fall asleep to." Damon said.
"Cool. That way we both can sleep with him." Johnny said.
"What do you guys want to do next?"
"Can we bake cookies?"

We should have said no, was the first thing in my mind when I realized the mess we made. Flour, egg shells, sugar, it was all over the kitchen and on us. Johnny never really baked and Bailey had only helped baked only once before. Damon seemed to find the mess funny. We made the kids both take showers to clean themselves up. Bailey went in Natalie's and Johnny went in Damon's. Damon and I started to clean the mess up. When we were done, we sat on the couch bed in the living room. We watched a little of Vampire Diaries till the cookies were done. We got them out and put them on cooling racks. The kids, Damon, and I then decided on coloring. We did that till the cookies were all cooled off. Then we eat some cookies. We put the rest in the cookie jar. Then Damon started dinner. He decided on homemade chicken noodle soup. A crowd pleaser. I forced the kids into cleaning the toys up off Damon's floor. Then I went downstairs to get Natalie. I accidentally listened to Allison and her's conversation.

"Damon doesn't know that Rachel, the wild ex, has got news of other women. She is out for blood, Victoria's blood. She always thought they were meant for each other, her and Damon. She has always wanted the crown for herself. For the power, the higher power. Damon saw right through that act, but still dated her before he knew about the betrayal. He thought it was what he's country wanted. But ever since Victoria, I think they are truly meant for each other." Natalie told Allison.
"Yikes. Team Victoria all the way." Allison laughed at her joke.
"Me too."
"Speaking of teams, have you signed up for that team walk thing?"
"Not yet."

I acted like I just came down, I shut the down loudly. "Natalie dinner." I said.
"Coming right up."

I was scared. Of Rachel. Of Damon. Of everything. Of being assigned princess. Hopefully, Damon decides to marry someone else. Not Rachel but some one else.

When the kids finally wanted to go to bed, we put in Finding Nemo. We then stunk off to Damon's room. I put on my PJs in his bathroom. I brushed my teeth, all the lady stuff I needed really. When I walked in, Damon was just in his boxers. I tried not to act as nervous as I was. When I went to climb on the top bunk, Damon grabbed me. He dragged me into the bottom bunk.

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