the help

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I opened the door to the tree house that would never have my sister in it again. A tear espaced from my eye just thinking of her makes me cry. I ran up to my bedroom and face planted into my pillow and just let all of the emotions flow from my eyes. "Fionna why are you crying," asked Bmo. I looked up to see the little 2 foot robot facing me.

"Ca-cake died," I said through the sobs.

"What?" shocked the robot began to sob.

"It was the ice queen,"

"Fionna I'm going to be in the kitchen,"  Bmo said holding in more tears. I watched her exit the room and laid my head back on the pillow. I closed my eyes and pulled my bunny hat off of my head, letting my long blonde hair lay on the back of my body. With the white hat still in my hand I through it crossed the room not caring if something torn it. Why did ice queen have to take her life why can't she be here with me? sighing I rolled over looking up at my ceiling how will I tell her kittens, her boyfriend, and the rest of Aaa.

"Hey bunny," said the vampire king. I looked over at the other side of the room to find him standing there not floating. He must have came through the window the doors are locked.

"Your standing?" I said softy I was surprise most of the time he just floated everywhere.

He looked down at his black converse to checked that he was standing "Yeah I didn't feel like floating, um Fi," he said looking back down at his shoes.

"Yes Marsh," I whispered still laying on the bed. I closed my eyes for a moment to feel cold arms around me. I opened up my eyes he was hugging me he never hugged people. I wrapped my arms around him to return the hug. Then I felt a small tear run down my cheek and more came and more they were falling on to his shirt.

"Fi I'll stay here with you for you're not lonely and I want to make sure you stay sane," he said in my hair.

"Okay," I whispered still crying. He pulled away from me to see my eyes he pulled my head on to his lap and began to brush his fingers throw my long hair.

"Fi I'll stay with you until you need me to even if that means forever," he said softly as he dragged his pale cold finger through my hair. I nodded in acknowledgment he began to hum a song that was unfamiliar to me. I lifted up my head and wrapped him into another hug and whispered

"thank you for saving my eyes," and I let go of him to get up from my bed.

"What to mean?" he asked confused still on my bed.

"If you didn't come my eyes would have been flooded with tears,"  I said with a tiny smile hopeing to let him know that I've die on the inside.

"Your welcome Fi," he said with a small smile on his face. I began to walk out from the room to the kitchen to find the robot in a corner  with her knees to her chest and her arms wrapped around them.

"BMO!" I ran toward her and pick her up in a hug.

"What up with Bmo," the vampire asked floating behind her. Holding the robot I began to cry again and so did she Cake was so good and sweet and awesome why did ice queen have to kill her? I pulled my emotions back Bmo needed me.

"Bmo what do you want to do?" I asked her looking at her screen. She stared at me blankly with her dried up eyes.

"I want Marshal lee to play a game," she said still staring at me I turned to Marsh.

"Sure I'll play a game," he said coming to take her from my arms to play a video game.

I looked a him as sat her on the floor and began to float upside down "I'm making bacon pancakes do you want some Marsh?"

"Um sure," he continue to play the game and stick out his tongue.

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