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Okay so heres the secound chapter!! Oh my Sheerios did you all hear Ed's song I See Fire? If not i will link it and yeah enjoy---

Chapter 2


Ed lays his keys down on the table next to the door after wiping his feet. I wipe my feet as well and look inside. His house was warm and laid back, really inviting. There is a din with two over-stuffed couches making and L shape. Right in front if the couch is a coffee table, in front of that is a telovision, about 16' wide. Behind the couches are a stair well, and at the bottom if the stair well was a little opening with no door that lead to a kitchen. With a little round table that folded in to be smaller. There is a stove on the opposite wall with a microwave right above surrounded by carbonates, to the left of that is a sink and a counter with a window above the sink showing the pouring rain.

Ed grabs him and me a bottle of water and hands me one. He takes a swig and then says to me

Ed: [smiling] Lets find you something to change into and you can shower if you would like to

I smile back and nod, not quite sure what to say. I have never met a person this kind to me before. Ed is just different from all the other people I met it's just oh I don't know.

Ed starts to nave out of the kitchen and into the living room and into a hallway. There is a bathroom to the right and straight across a door that is close, maybe a bedroom? Ed walks straight down the hall to what seems to be a closet and opens it. There are towels and blankets, he grabs a few towels and a blanket and turns to the left where there is a guest room.

Ed: You can stay with us as long as you want, and this will be your room if you would like.

This is going so fast why is Ed suddenly taking me in, I mean I don't even know his last name?

I accepted the room. It was cozy with a queen size bed with a quilt on top, the bed was wedged in the corner. On the left of the door way was a white dresser

for clothing. To the right of the wall along the wall was a closet that is

closed, the doors that opens the closet are white. It was open, but empty, but

what looked like sheet music and old music books on the floor.

I look around out the white walls. It was boaring but comforting in a way. The

walls had a few paintings of instruments, nothing special.

Ed: Would you like to take a shower? I can throw your clothes on the wash and

dryer and I can give a T-shirt for temporary use and gym shorts.

I just nod my head back as an answer not knowing what to say to. He smiles and

heads out the door and I follow him down the hall to the bathroom. He seats the

towels on the counter in the brown and badge bathroom, and grabs a bar of soap

from the bathroom closet that has soap, towels, and toiletries.

He puts the soap a top of the towels and turns to me.

Ed: If you need anything just call.

He turns around and close the door behind him. Leaving just me and myself alone

in the bathroom.

I strip of my battered jeans and take off my rain jacket, just an old red one I

took before I left. The peel off my shirt, just leaving my in my intament

apparel. You can now see my ribs and the bruses on them, some have scraps under

some of them. I look at my upper arm. You can see the marks that are now purple

and black of a hand print.

I stare at my self in the mirror. My carmel, kinky, curly, hair, dirty, wet, and greasy falls in front if my face. My eyes look sad and tired, one blue eye, one green eye as always stair right back at me. My jaw line straight and pointy, nose as you could say like a button.

I turn on the shower and take off my bra and panties and hope in. The shower was hot and relaxing, warm and soothing. I let the water pound on my head and run my fingers through my hair and let the water consume me. I grab the shampoo and put some in my hair and wash the filth in my hair away. I rinse away the shampoo and then wash my body, shave ect.

I hear something that sounds like the door opening, but I ignor that. Then I hear something like someone peeing. Don't move amber don't move do not move.

Person: Why the hell is the shower on? (defonatly a man)

The next thing I know he flings open the shower curtin and I don't know what else to do but-


I grab my chest and grab the curtin and try to pull it closed and end up pulling the curtin down along with the bar and it hits me and--



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