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~~Harry's POV~~

"I've had enough, Harry!" My mother yelled at me from behind the kitchen counter. "You're always so disrespectful to Robin and me. Cursing has obviously become part of your vocabulary and I'm sick of it! You practically gave me a heart attack today!" She yelled while throwing her hands up in desperation.

I rolled my eyes at her and responded, "Well I'm here now ain't I? I mean, you sent Robin and all his cop friends looking out for me after you clearly knew I left on my own will. I mean my closet was empty."

She stayed quiet for a minute. Her eyes started to get glossy and I knew she was on the verge of tears.

So... I turned around to walk away.

" I can't do this anymore" I heard her whisper probably only to herself. But I heard it.

"What is that suppose to mean?" I ask while turning back around to look at her.

She's hunched over the counter with her face in her hands.

She lets out an exasperated sigh and stands up straight.

"I'm sending you with your father"


So today is my first day here with my dad and it sucks. The school that I'll be going to looks so ghetto. I already know what my mom would say if she was here. She'd probably say something like "You wouldn't be here, but you just had to act like a child Harry. Robin is a great man and I am going to marry him like it or not." I just can't stand that guy. I don't know why, I just don't.

Well for cursing, yelling, and walking out the house I'm here with my dad in Homestead when I could easily be back home in the Redlands but no I'm stuck here.

Since I'm so close to Florida city I'll be going to one of there schools; Homestead senior high to be exact. It's right smack down in the middle of Homestead and Florida city. Most people that live in Florida city go there.

Great, I'm probably going to get jumped by some guys, oh joy, I can't wait (note the sarcasm).


It's my first day at school and it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Most of the kids look like they'll drop out as soon as they're off probation. At least that's what it seems like sitting here in the office looking at all the kids that are in here. There's probably only like a max of ten kids that seem like they're going to make it; but anyways, the principle said something about a girl showing me around so that's pretty much all I'm waiting on.

Ten minutes have already past and I finally see a girl with long brown hair with dark brown eyes, I believe. She seems to be average hight and she's wearing a Rolling Stones shirt with a leather jacket on top. Some ripped up black skinny jeans with black combat boots and some eyeliner and mascara. She looks quite cute if you ask me. I can see her about to walk into the office but before she can, some girl knocks her down and just walks by her while laughing; how rude. I quickly walk towards her and help her up.

"Hey I'm Harry, are you ok?" I say lending her my hand but she doesn't accept it. Hmm, odd.

"Stupid bitch- I mean girl" I hear her mumble and shake her head as if she didn't mean to call them a bitch. It seems like she said it only for herself to hear "Umm yeah I'm fine, thanks." She finally replies.

She gets up and enters the office ignoring me; all as if I'm invisible to her. So far, every girl that has walked past me has blown a kiss or given me there number; but not this one, she just ignored me. She didn't even make any type of eye contact with me.

When she walks in I follow right behind her. Then I see her walking to the principles office so I decide to just sit in the chair that I was sitting in.

I see a girl with bright red hair, kinda like that Ariana Grande chick. Her skin is really white and she's pretty hot if I say so myself. She has this smile plaster onto her face as if she wants something from me. I cautiously walk to my seat, which happens to be quite next to her and sit down. Then she says...

"Your hot. You should be my boyfriend, what's your name sexy?" And then the principle comes out and I'm actually happy. I see the girl that got tripped, right behind him with her head up high as if she's proud of herself; but then again she's standing as if she's disgusted and ashamed of something.

"Anais stop bothering the poor boy, he's not interested. You're in deep trouble young lady, get in my office now." Mr. Hird said firmly.

"Okay okay, call me sometime" She said the last part only loud enough for my ears to hear. She hands me a paper with her number on it, and while walking away she winks at me and I shiver in disgust.

"Thea, this is Harry. Harry, this is Thea, she'll be showing you around school." Thea...that's a nice name. Well she's pretty so that's good and she seems friendly so hopefully she is. "Now go to class, I'll see you around Harry. And more skateboarding or I'll make you do more of my work." He said while chuckling. Then I started to chuckling because of his laugh but Thea just stood there with a fake ass smile.

"Hi, I'm Harry," I introduce myself once again.

"Umm, hi I'm Thea" she says with a... a scared smile? I imagined maybe shy but not scared.

"Well um, let's get you to homeroom since you have it with me. I'll show you your locker first" she said while walking out the office and myself right behind her.

"Well here's your locker and that's quite funny because mines right next to yours" she said with yet again another fake smile.

"Um, I think that's it. I'm sure you'll make friends pretty quick so they can show you around. But if you don't- which I highly doubt- then just come and find me"

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