All That Matters ( Princeton LoveStory )

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I Thought I Had A Good Head On My Shoulders .. But I Guess I Was Wrong Im Very Blunt Person I Have Curvy Hips A Big Butt Medium Size Boobs Small Stomach Thick in All The Right Places Carmel Skin Tone Long Hair Black and Blonde Hazel / Greenish / Blueish Eyes I Had Money And All the the boys Except One My Bully !

_He's Bullied Me Since 9th Grade and Im Just in The 10th But Things Aren't Just Pretty Pretty For Me My Stepdad Beats My Mom And Me My 3 Sister Almost Gets Raped By Him I Doesn't Happen Because We Call The Cops Hes Been To Jail 7 Times in the last year and my dumbass Mother always Takes him back cause she wants her marriage to work Stupid Right ?

But Yea I Hate My Bully but I love him wreid Right And I thinks he loves me

I dont Wanna be with him cause I dont know what will happen

but finding out if he loves me is All That Matters

Ohh.. Sorry Im Rhianna Relly Im 16Years Old And Thats ALL THAT MATTERS

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