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Zayn's POV

"Then we have a problem." I say. Everyone looks towards the bush that has a wolf pup in front of it.

"Oh my gosh! It's sooo cute!" Jordan shrieks, bending down to touch it.

"NO! Where there is a pup, there must be a mother." Roxy says looking around frantically.

As if on cue, a pack of wolves come out from their hiding places behind trees.

"Don't make any sudden movements. If they charge, call Fire or Nelly. Don't let Frankie or Katniss see them, and if all goes wrong, we end up with wolves for dinner." Roxy whispers.

The wolves heads hand low ant their ears are layers back, which if a typical sign that they feel threatened.

"Lets gather 'round the campfire and sing our camp fire song, our c-a-m-p-f-i-r-e-s-o-n-g song, and if you don't think that we can sing it faster than you're wrong, but it'll help if you just sing along," Niall sings while strumming on his guitar.

The wolves lift their eyes and heads and step forward a little. The wolves obviously don't feel threatened anymore.

Wolf POV

We were intimidated at first, because when these giant creatures come into the area when you have young, you get defensive. But after the one creature made that noise, I felt less intimidated.

One of them calls out some weird thing and a tiger brings us food. These creatures aren't so bad after all, and maybe if we hang around we will get more food.

Nelly's POV

Boy this is stupid. I was just called to give food to WOLVES. One of the things I eat. And I had to give them some of MY food. God, I will bite every living thing in sight next time I have to do that.

Do these humans not understand that I am not a servant? I don't understand why Roxy is treating me or my child this way. She was so nice before... I don't know if it was something I did, or what. Maybe It was something I did.

Maybe I should just go before I screw anyone else's lives up. I feel horrible leaving, but it's the right thing to do. Or at least I think it is. But I do know that they won't miss me. I mean how many animals do they need?

I walk up to Roxy and nudge her goodbye. She doesn't know this is goodbye, but its probably best that way.

I nudge the rest of them, then I decide its time to go.

As I am trotting through the woods, I hear a sound behind me.

I look to see its a grizzly bear. I sprint for my life, until I hear and ear splitting shriek. I turn to see Roxy backed against a tree.

Oh HELL no! You are not hurting my family! I charge toward the bear and thankfully I doesn't notice me. I bite the side of its face, tearing the hide, it takes a side swipe at me, but I back up quick e nought to dodge it.

Roxy's POV

Here I am, backed against a tree, watching a tiger and bear fight.

"Harry! Bring the spears!" I yell.

I hear running from behind me and sure enough, the whole gang is here, with spears.

"Save Nelly!" I plead to Harry who nods and stabs the bear in the leg.

The bear turns and charges,

Oh god.


-Ashly XOXO

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