Don't get Bit

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                     Chapter 5

     That big suprise happened to be a zombie right in my face and beyond him at least a dozen more. I quickly shot the one in my face and ran. Nathan was right beside me. Luckily I was on the track team but for shuffling dead creatures they were faster then people gave them credit for.

   "Where are we going?" Asked Nathan through panting.

"The long way to the cafeteria." I answered.

The zombies screeched, moaned, and made gurgling noises in the back of there throat. I have seen episode of the walking dead and this is definitely not what they sounded like on the show. This was a kind of noise you could never get used to. It was the kind that had you trying to cover you ears.

    "Almost there." I panted mostly to myself.

The zombies were quite away behind us but we were still running at full speed. Except one of them seemed to be faster and he was right on our heels.

   Suddenly I felt stiff fingers pull my hair. I screamed so loud it hurt my ears. I fell and felt weight on top of me. I tried to grab my bow but it was nowhere to be found and all to fast I saw a open mouth coming straight for my face. I closed my eyes and prepared for the bite. Maybe it would be better this way. All to soon the heavy weight was ripped of my body. I opened my eyes in suprise to find Nathans sharp featured face right in mine.  "Don't ever do that to me again." He said

     "Do what?" I questioned.

"You were just about to give up and let him bite you. Fight. Punch. Bite.Keep yourself alive." He said handing me my bow. Then he took off running again. I heard clambering feet behind me so I took off after him. A few seconds later we were at the cafeteria door. I grasped the handle heart flooding with joy. Once we were inside we could lock the doors push the tables against them and then go to the kitchen and lock those doors. I pushed down on the handle nothing happened. I pushed down again and tried with all my might to pull open the door. Nathan was beside me trying to but it was locked. We didnt plan for this! I turned around and panicked. Entering the lobby area in front of the cafeteria were almost twenty zombies. Funny we started with a dozen. Some of them must have came to the screeches of the others. Nathan and me started shooting but the thing was we were not professional archers and we missed.... a lot. I turned and banged on the door someone must be in there. I looked back over my shoulder. Nathan and I were doing a good job holding them off but they were close. Just as one reached for my arm holding the bow I heard a clicked. I turned around just in time to see the cafeteria door swinging open.



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