Chapter 5

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Kate's POV

The week went by so quickly. The meeting was tomorrow, I will admit I was strangely concerned because I did not really know what to expect. I did not have any strange encounters with Jake lately , but something about him felt off or , in a way, strange. Just something about him had my mind on him constantly. I knew I needed to figure it out before I went crazy about it.

Tonight though was going to be fun, I was going to sit down and watch Supernatural with a nice glass of wine that I bought at the beginning of this week. I will be completely honest Supernatural is one of my weaknesses of many for a TV show. I have been trying to catch up with me being super busy with teaching & school. My classes kept me pretty busy at night after school, so between teaching and being a student myself I have not had much time for myself to rewind and be relaxed.


After about three hours of watching Supernatural and two glasses of wine I decided to go to bed. I went to go wash my face and put my hair down to brush it before I put it in a bun for the night. I quickly shaved my legs on the side of the tub and got in my purple tank top and black shorts that I wore to bed. By then I was extremely exhausted and was ready to sleep for about a full week.

Before I could lay down in bed and get covered up there was a sound at the door. After looking at the clock on my bedside that read ten o'clock. I decided to go see who it was, but I grabbed my pistol from my top drawer and slowly walked down the stairs to the front door to peek through the peephole.

What I saw to my amazement was the police at my door with Jake in handcuffs. I quickly put the safety on and put the gun in my top drawer on my table next to the door. I straightened my shirt and shorts before I unlocked my door to see what was the problem.

"Excuse me Ma'am I am Officer Joe and this is Officer Tom we hate to bother you, but we were told by this young man that you were responsible for him, is this true?"

"You caught me at the right time, I do know this young man. Would you like to come in Officers?"

"Why thank you ma'am."

"Please call me Kate Officers. What can I do for you?"

"This young man says he is Jake Renning , is this true?"

"Yes, he is one of my many students at East Central. Has he done something wrong?"

"Yes he was caught sneaking into a bar."

"Oh, well I am very surprised, he is a very good student and has very good grades in all of his courses.Why did you bring him here to my home though?"

"He told us that you were the person to talk to about this sort of thing with him, is is all right that he is here?"

"Yes , is he getting fined or something?"

"This is just a warning for him, but try to keep an eye on him."

"Is he free to go then?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Well thank you officers, I appreciate you bringing him here."

"Not a problem, take care."

They turned to Jake and took off his handcuffs and went out through the door, shutting it on the way out. I turned back around to see Jake staring at me , but quickly looked away when I turned toward him.

"Jake, why would you try sneaking into a bar?"

I got nothing out of him so I tried a different question.

"Jake, where are your parents? Why did you tell the officers to come here?"

All I got in return was more silence.

"Fine by me. I will go sit on my couch until you are ready to speak and tell me why you did waht you did."

I turned around and started to walk away when I felt a pair of hands on my hips, I was startled so I turned around to find no space between Jake and I. I felt his firm hands on me, very protectively, but secure. I felt the tingly sensation in the air around us and even when I blinked it was still there. Jake was inches away from my face. I wanted to take a step back , but at the same time I yearned for this touch this whole week.

"I did it to see you, I don't have parents because they died a long time ago, and no I do not want to talk about it right now, not ever. I just want to be here with you and I don't care if you kick me out because it won't change anything between us, I know you feel this and are aware of it. I can feel it flowing through you, I feel it too and I frankly don't care what anybody says or thinks."

I was taken back by that, everything he said it was true, but I wanted to know how he knew, was it that obvious? I knew this was wrong on SO many levels, but who feels this every time somebody gets close or near? Certainly nobody I know. Yes, I could loose my job that I have worked so hard for.

"Jake, no I can't-"

"Listen to me Kate Tatum, do not deny this at all to me, because I know you want this, even though it will cost you your job. I know what you are thinking, so don't try me."

"This is not a good idea, I won't deny that I feel strange things between you and I , but I need this job and the fact you did something fairly wong just so officers can bring you here is just plain crazy. You are my student Jake and I am your teacher. Nothing will happen between us, ever."

He laughed then and shook his head from side to side before smirking and facing me with a truthful look in his eyes.

"You really shouldn't have said that, I can make you change your mind fairly easy."

"Nice try, but you won't I am very stubborn."

"I know , because I have read your mind since I have met you."

"You wh-what?"

I believe I turned ghostly white because he looked at me and spoke into my mind without his lips moving.

'You may not see the future , but I can and I see us together and far away from her.'

With that he bent down before I could react and kissed me so softly that I thought it was fake and a very pleasant dream. He drew back away from me after a few seconds and watched me find my balance as I thought to myself that was a very pleasant kiss and probably the most pleasurable one that I have had yet.

'I feel the same way, keep this a secret during your meeting tomorrow and I will return to you soon. You need sleep so goodnight and sleep well. Do not fret over this. You will see very soon that I am right.'

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