Naruto: Uchiha Chronicles VII

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Uchiha Chronicles

Episode VII

At the training post Riyuko and Kenra are circling each other with focus in their eyes. Riyuko has both his swords drawn and Kenra has a handful of small knives. Miaki watches the intensity of their silence and Kenra throws a barrage of knives towards Riyuko. Riyuko repels all of them and rushes towards Kenra who is throwing even more knives at Riyuko while dashing around and off the trees. Riyuko is dodging very well and blocking all the blades thrown at him.

Riyuko: [If I've estimated correctly he should run out of kunai really soon].

Riyuko continues to evade and block but realizes that Kenra has run out of throwing knives.

Riyuko: [Got ya]!

Riyuko speeds up towards Kenra to attack but then gets repelled by Kenra with these very huge chakra blades. The length of the weapon started from the top of his hands to a little pass his elbows. The blade itself wrapped around Kenra's hand like brass knuckles and it started to glow light blue with a little smoke coming from them.

Riyuko: Oh what the hell?? You had chakra blades this entire time?!

Kenra: I call them Crow blades and hey, this is what happens when you think your opponent can only do one thing. I'm proficient in all ranges.

Miaki whistles.

Miaki: Wow. Pretty cool.

Kenra: Yeah. Close combat's my first love. I'm comfortable engaging a fight in close quarters. But let's say that's enough for today.

Riyuko: Fine. I'm calling it a draw though.

Kenra: What ever helps you sleep at night, dude.

Team two went back to the Forest of Death after their last day. They spent their rest week relaxing and bonding with each other and their academy comrades. By the time they came back to the The Forest of Death a month went by quickly and they passed their three month course.The time came for their first mission to the frontlines. Kenra is walking towards the village gate very early in the morning. He sees Riyuko and Miaki waiting for him.

Riyuko: Morning, bed head.

Kenra: Shut up, Riyuko.

Kenra is scratching his head.

Miaki: Slept late?

Kenra: Yes, something important came up.

Miaki: Hope you're feeling well for the mission.

Yazu walks up to his team with a man moving a cart.

Yazu: Yo! How's everybody?

Team Two: Sir.

Yazu: Hai, hai, hai. Stop with the formal act. It's so uncool. Anyway, this is Abaki and he is crucial to our mission.

Abaki: Hi!

Yazu: Today, we are a protection detail for him and the supplies he's carting. We'll be heading to the borders of the uncharted territory near the Land of Fire.

Riyuko: The "Forgotten" zone.

Yazu: That's the one. Apparently the rebels have allied with the many rogues that live within that area. They've gotten stronger since their last attack on the village. If the troops fall there, then they get access back into the "Land of Fire".

Miaki: So, supplies are the number one priority?

Yazu: Yes. So, are we all ready?

Kenra: Let's get started.

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