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With Loren safe at home, I began the think about Jace. I was debating about wether or not to accept him back. I really didn't need his negativity but I don't want to live alone and have Loren not have a dad.

"Loren," I paused, "Would you like Jace to come back and live with us?"

"I thought you didn't like him."

"If you want him back, than I will let him come back."

"I want him back."


Jace's old pickup pulled into the driveway. I stood with my arms crossed as he unloaded his stuff and brought it into the house.

"I'm not going to sleep with you tonight. You can have the guest room."

"I would expect none the less. I'm here for you and Loren." He smiled before slamming the truck door shut.

"Jace!" Loren ran at him and he pulled he up and swung her around like old times.

"I missed you Loren. It was very nice of your mommy to let me come back." Loren shrieked as he tickled her. At least she didn't know that I didn't like him.

I put on a fake smile and joined the fun.

Later that night, after Jace went into the guest room, I slipped out back. Sasha and Baylee were sitting at the River of Dreams. I lunged for Baylee's throat but Sasha put up her arm to stop me.

"I know you both hate each other right now but you need to make up. I visited Evan today and he told me that the hatred will grow and the werewolf population will shrink. The revolution will kill us off if you guys don't make up." Sasha explained.

She uneasily put down her arm which was the only barrier from me killing Baylee right there.

"Fine. Truce." I stuck out my hand.

"Truce." Baylee said sharply.

"Good. Now, I can't repair your friendship but we can all spend some time together." Sasha suggested.

"Sounds good." I said sharply, my blood still boiling.

"Sure, whatever." Baylee replied as we all headed back to our houses.

I used all my self control to force myself to walk back to my house.

"She is such a barif." I spat as I trudged up the steps.

I crawled under the covers as light from the hall bathed me.

"I can't sleep. Can I sleep with you?" Loren asked, hugging her teddy bear tight.

I patted the empty stretch of bed next to me, "Sure sweetie."

Loren crawled up next to me as I pulled her toward me under the covers.

"I love you." I whispered as Loren fell asleep.

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