A day at school

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Ahh! "Why can't this thing leave me alone." I grab my alarm clock an throw it across the room. "Ahhh, that's much better." I mumbled and lay back down until my phone ring and I knew it was Tina. Damn Tina she know I wouldn't get up so she always set my alarm clock on my phone. To bad I can't throw that across the room.


I arrived at school so furious an realy mad at Tina.
Speaking of Tina their she is stand by her locker texing to someone."TINA I'M GONNA KILL YOU!." I said running to her. She saw me an started running away from me. "Ohh no you don't." I jump on top of her."

why did you set an alarm on my phone?.'' I asked.

"Maybe because you won't get up."She said getting up while I get off her.

"Just because I'm your friend doesn't mean I won't beat your ass." I said looking at her. "You won't cause you love me to much." she said smiling. Damn how she know. "Your right I do love you to much." I hug her untill I hear a girl crying.

Turning an look over the corner an see a guy standing in front of her. wait that not a guy that's Zack.

"ZACK WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?" I said walking towards him "What I just broke up with her thats all."

He said walking towards me.

Zack is my best guy friend, girls will throw themselves to him, I would to but he's just a friend.

"Hey cutie." Zack said getting a little blush from me.

"Hey! I'm still mad at you Zack why couldn't you let her down easy in stead let her burst out crying." I said while looking him in the eye.

"OMG!" He said frightening me. "WHAT!" I said looking around scared. "You have the most beautiful eye ever." he said smirking at me.

"Realy Zack you scare the shit out of me." I said punching him on the arm.

"Owwww! May that hurts." he said rubbing his arm were I punched him. I smile in return.

"So May did you heard about a new student coming here?." Zack asked while we walk to first period.

"Um, no who told you there a new student coming to this school. "I said while turning the corner.

"Yeah who told you is it a she or he." Tina said while we enter the classroom.

"It's a guy." Zack said while we sat down.

"Is he hot? Is he cute?...Does he love 5,5 girls? Does he love black hair girl? Does he love bright eyes like me?." Tina said while jumping up an down almost breaking the chair.

"TINA! Would you calm down pretty sure he doesn't want a girl that blabbers to much." I said slapping her upside the head an receiving quietness.

"Okay, Zack who told you theirs an new student coming?" I said looking at him.

"Well he told me." Zack said while drinking a juice box.

"What do you mean he told you? an how he told you he doesn't even know anyone here." I said looking confused.

"Because he's my friend we've been friends since 4th grade." Zack said while still drinking his juice box.

"Wait we have another Zack coming to this school? anyway you better tell him the rules here because I don't wanna hear girl crying up an down the halls okay." I said "Zack are you listening?."

"Zack." No reply

"ZACK!." I yelled.

"What?." he said "Zack are you fucking serious your telling me this fucking juice box got you off our conversation?." I said throwing away his juice.

"Your mean." Zack said pouting.

"But I'm serious Zack." I said putting my hand on his. (no I don't like him like that)

"Okay, May I'll give him the drill." Zack said while packing up.

"Wait why are you packing up class didn't start yet." I said looking confused.

Zack an Tina were laughing.

"What's so funny?." I replied.

"May, class is over you talk though the whole period I guess the new kid wouldn't want you either." Tina said while leaving in laughter.

"Wait how the hell the bell ring I didnt hear it? and TINA I DONT LIKE THE NEW KID!." I said leaving the class.

"You may never know, Get it you may never know." Zack said while elbowing me.

"Whatever not gonna happen." I said elbowing him hard.

"OWWWW! May damn you hit hard are you sure your even a girl." Zack said while rubbing his stomach.

"Do you wanna find out with another hit." I said.

"Yes why dont you hit me right here with your lips." Zack said pointing to his lips.

"Wake up Zack I'm not the lunch lady." I said while laughing.

"Very funny May." Zack said while catching up with me.


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