Noah and the boys

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The next mining I woke up with the dog licking my face. I didn't really get disgusted by it. It was sweet actually. I smiled to him and decided I'd better get that thing some food. I put some yoga pants and a orange tank top on. I pulled my hair up and put my black and orange tennis shoes on.

I raided my cabinets for something Noah could eat. I didn't see anything. I was surprised I didn't have any left over dog treats from the last time. Then again I did move away and told Nat to take whatever.

I decided I'd better go to the pet pound to get some treats and other thing this dog might need. I was going to take him with me. I rushed upstairs to grab my phone and keys then put the leash on Noah and headed to the streets.

As I was walking with Noah I heard dogs barking and cars honking. I didn't mind it as long as Noah didn't join in with them. To my surprise he didn't. I couldn't imagine putting up with him barking all the way down the streets. He was panting but that was all he was doing.

I walked into the pet store and seen birds, lizards, cats, dogs, turtles, and other animals that I can't seem to pronounce. Noah wines to me and we headed for the baskets. I grabbed one and went straight to the dog foods. Noah liked wet dog foods. I didn't blame I wouldn't want to chew that hard food for nothing.

I looked at the foods and decided to get two cans of each, that mounted to about twenty cans of dog food. Then I bought three bags of doggie biscuits. He loved them. I decided I'd better buy him a dog bed. I grabbed a brown furry bed and carried it on the hand the leash was in. I started to turn around but bumped into someone instead. I looked up into those familiar brown orbs.

"Liam what are you doing here," I asked he looked at Noah.

"I could ask the same about you," he said causing me to laugh.

"Cute dog," he said petting Noah.

"He's a friends I'm keeping it while she's out if town," I told him he nodded.

"His name is Noah," I said causing him to nod once more.

"Hi big guy," he said playing with Noah. I had an idea.

Would you mind helping me with him," I said he shrugged and took the leash from me. Noah allowed him to lead him through the store while I got things like toys, collars and leashes.

"So you love animals," he asked striking the conversation.

"Yeah but sometimes Noah can be a bit agitating," I said laughing Noah wined. He loved attention.

"Well I love animals I think they are great," he said in return. I smiled and stared at him for the longest time.

He had those wonderful brown eyes and that wonderful smile. Finally he looked away causing me to look away.

"Well I should go thanks for holding him," I said putting my things on the checkout lane. He smiled and jaded me Noah's leash. I paid for the stuff and took my bags and Noah and walked out of the store. These bags were so heavy. There were about ten of them. I was barely holding them.

"Amanda let me help you take those back to your house," Louis yelled coming from the mall parking lot. He noticed the dog and cocked his head.

"Nat left Noah again I see," he said causing me to laugh. He grabbed half the bags and we walked to my house in silence o. The way there.

I opened my front door allowing Louis to go in first. He helped me put everything away.

"So, I seen Liam walk out after you," he said. I grinned.

"Yeah he was helping me with Noah," I told him. He nodded.

"Yea well Liam is a good hearted person, never rude to anyone unless its the press," he said putting the last bag of treats in the cabinet. I opened the freezer to get some ice and poor me some red juice I a cup.

"Well I was thankful that he helped," I said, "Noah seemed to like him."

He turned to me and walked to where I was standing.

"Well everyone likes him just done people don't particularly choose him as a best friend," Louis said in doubt.

"Why," I questioned taking a sip of juice.

"Well Liam is a softy he may look tough but he is sensitive about a lot of things," Louis said grabbing my juice. Noah wined and walked out. I had let Louis feed him some pork and chicken. He loved it.

"Well I better get going love ya sis," he said walking out of the kitchen.

"Love you too," I yelled in return.

For the rest of the day I got calls from Nat asking about her baby. I told her he was fine. She insisted to talk I him but I told her he was in the bed. She hung up and eventually stopped calling so much. Don't get me wrong I loved Nat but calling every five minutes to ask about Noah was way to much.

I climbed in bed and drifted to sleep and dust get much of that due to Noah snoring. How could a dog snore anyway? It surprised me but at the same time it amused me.

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