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Sorry about the late update but I have been busy. I just recently moved out of home and have been getting settled into my new home. I'm living with my 2nd cousin and her daughter and grandson. He is only 19 months old, and he is a handful but such a beautiful, caring and loving nature. 

Anyway here is the new update.

Sappira's Pov

We finally arrived at the airport; I looked over at Ali, Maddi and Cam holding my hand. I looked up to see a tear come trickling down his cheek; I reached my hand up to wipe it away. Before anyone could see. He let go of my hand and went over to help my dad get the bags out of the car. 

I walked over to my dad and gave him a hug just before I burst into tears. "I'm going to miss you dad" I sobbed into his shoulder. My dad pulled me closer "me to May, me to" he whispered into my ear before letting me go and shutting the boot.

This was the last that I was going to see my father, since he couldn't come to the gate because he had to go off to work, but Cam and Maddi were staying to say goodbye, for they were catching the train back home. 

I grabbed one of my suitcases and another one of my bags and was about to head off into the airport when I felt a hand on my shoulder to tell me to wait. I stopped and turned around just in time to see Ali and my dad let go of a hug, and Alice said "thank you for the ride Mr Myles, I will make sure Sapph is safe and nothing happens to her" My father nodded, waved me goodbye before getting into the car and drove off.

I felt something wet fall down onto my hand, and I looked up to see if it was raining and I saw that it wasn't raining, it was a tear falling down my cheek. I turned around and started to walk into the airport with Cam, Maddi and Alice walking behind me. I do have to admit we did look funny, four teenagers walking into an airport with bags upon bags of clothes and other stuff.

We finally got to the check in and lined up. Once we got to the front of the line, we were laughing so hard that we didn't hear the lady call "next please". I felt someone nudge me from behind and looked back to see who it was, I saw 5 boys about my age, and they were hot. I looked at the one closest to me and said "Yeah, what do you want?" He looked at me like I was some crazy person but told me that the lady was waiting. I looked up at the check in and sure enough there was a lady waiting. I looked back at the boy and said thanks. In my head I was thinking where do I know him from, I grabbed my bags and moved up to the counter just as I heard someone scream "it's One Direction" I turned around just in time to see the boy I was talking to get tackled by this chick.

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