You walk out of the kitchen and back to the living room. Niall stands up from the chair when he sees you enter the room.

He sighs, "He's angry, isn't he?"

You shrug, "Yeah. But he'll get over it."

He half smiles and looks towards Liam as he walks out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Of course, he was going to go pout like a little child and not face his problems.

"He seems pissed." Niall says and laughs at the expression that was on Liam's face. He had his mouth formed into a straight line, his eyes hard, and his brows pushed down. As he trudged up the stairs, he had his fists balled up at his sides. You laugh along with Niall at the sight of Liam and his childish ways.

"He's a pain sometimes," You admit while laughing.

Suddenly, there's a crashing noise coming from upstairs. You and Niall exchange glances before running up the stairs to see what that loud crash was. You hoped Liam is okay. Hopefully he didn't get hurt.

"Liam!" You yell when you finally get up the stairs, Niall following close behind. You run to your room and find Liam standing in the middle of the room holding your perfume bottles in his hand. One of them was already laying on the floor, only leaving its shattered glass remainings next to the wall where he threw it.

"Liam what the hell are you doing!?" You scream and walk over to snatch the other perfume bottles away from him. What has gotten into him lately? We've had a great week, but now it was all ruined from his rude behavior towards Niall and destroying you're own property.

He looks up at you with fire in his eyes. He stares at you harshly, then looks at Niall who's standing still as a pole in the doorway. Liam walks over to Niall and grabs him by the collar, "This is all YOUR fault! You little bastard!"

Niall stares at him with fear, not really knowing what to do. Poor Niall, you felt terrible for having to drag him into your problems.

"Brooke you better go downstairs." Liam says to you, half turning around to face you.

You stand your ground, "No."

"Brooke just go wait downstairs. I don't want you to see this." He pushes Niall against the wall and kicks him in the gut. You cringe at the sight of Liam hurting him. Niall has never even done anything to Liam. He has no reason to be causing him pain!

"Liam stop! Niall never did anything!" You shout, pushing Liam harshly in his side. He doesn't budge, he only tightens his grip on Niall.

Niall stands there defenseless, his eyes wide in fear as he stares at Liam.

"It's true," Niall manages to say.

"What do you mean he never did anything?! Brooke, he obliviously wants to get in your pants! I can see it in his damn eyes!" Liam shouts towards you. No, Niall would never do anything like that. You knew him well enough to know for a fact he wouldn't.

"He only needs a place to live! Liam, please.." You stare at him, trying to show as much sympathy in your eyes as you can. Liam looks back and forth between you and Niall. Finally, he lets go of him, "I'll give you ONE chance. If you screw it up, you'll be living on the damned streets." Liam says bitterly to him.

You wouldn't allow that to happen though. Even if Niall DID screw up, (which you know he wouldn't) you would not kick him out of your house to let him live on the streets. No matter what Liam said.

"Lighten up man," Niall says and walks out of the room. Liam draws in a deep breath and turns to look at you.

"See what I mean? He's an ass!" Liam yells loud enough, making sure Niall will hear him.

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