Thug Love 27

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The next Morning*

Kelly POV*

I woke up throwing up. Well me and sean did have sex recently. He really want me to have his baby so thats what we trynna do. We getting married next month too. Anyway i was throwing up all in the trash can. Sean woke up but went back to sleep. After i was done throwing up i went in the bathroom and took a shower.

Tre POV*

I woke up by a phone call from Honesty.

Me: hello

Honesty: goodmorning baby

Me: goodmorning

Honesty: i miss you

Me: i miss you too

Honesty: im on my way over there

Me: ok

She know what time it is that is why she coming over. I got up and started playing the game until she got here.

Honesty POV*

So im on my way to Tre house. I didnt wanna stay there last night because i knew he was gonna come in late and that lady was there. I dont even know who tf that lady was and im not staying there by myself with her. She might try to rape me. By anyway my dad dropped me off at Tre house. I got out and knocked on the door. A man answered that door and i looked at him like he was crazy. WTF DO I HAVE THE WRONG HOUSE? I looked at the address and it was correct.

Man: may i help you

Me: im here for somebody

Man: for who

Me: Tre

Man: he upstairs

Me: ok can i come in

Man: yea

He let me in and i started walking upstairs.

Man: you cant go upstairs

Me: why not

Man: because just sit down on the couch

Me: ok

I came back downstairs and sat down. I texted Tre.

Me: why cant i come upstairs

Tre: you can come upstairs

Me: this man said i cant

Tre: if you dont bring ya ass upstairs

Me: he gonna say something

Tre: here i come

Tre POV*

WHY TF THIS BITCH NIGGA COME IN HERE CONTROLLING SHIT!? I paused the game and went downstairs.

Me: come on

Sean: you cant go upstairs

Honesty: but Tre right here

He came in the living room.

Sean: she cant go upstairs

Me: bitch if you dont get tf outta here

Me and Honesty walked upstairs and walked in my room. He has no respect in this house.

Sean POV*

Who tf the boy talking to like this. I aint even gonna say anything. This my house til further notice. He better learn to respect me. Him and his sister gonna respect me. Whatever i say is gonna go. His sister aint say anything to me yet. But im waiting for it. Anyway i fixed some breakfast for me and Kelly. I then walked upstairs with the breakfast and gave it to Kelly. We sat in the room watching a movie with the surround sound on. We was eating.

Tiffany POV*

I woke up and just laid there until i was ready to get up. I had a good ass sleep. I got up and stretched and yawned. I looked at my phone to see what time it was and i was still on facetime with Tay. I hung up and saw it was going on 12:00 in the afternoon. I got up and went in the bathroom and got in the shower. It was a 45 min shower then i got out. I put my towel around me and i brushed my teeth. I walked out the bathroom and went to my room. I shut my door and texted Greg.


Greg: thanks

Me: of course but what time ya party start shawty

Greg: 2-4

Me: ight imma be there

Greg: ok

We stopped texting and i looked at the time and it was going on 1:00. I got my 2 piece bathingsuit out. It had zebra print but the strips was purple. I put that on and i then put on a jean romper. I put lotion on and slipped on my white sandles with the bow on it. I got my big purse and put my towel in it and my lotion. I put my hair up. I already know my hair gonna be nappy as shit when i come back home. I got my sunglasses and put them on. I grabbed my phone and put it in my back. I walked out my room and went in Tre room. THEM NASTY HOES WAS IN THERE KISSING AND SHIT!

Me: bye Tre

Tre: where you going

Me: to the pool

Tre: ight

I walked out Tre room and Sean came out the guest room.

Sean: where you going

Me: the pool

Sean: you aint ask

Me: ask who

Sean: Kelly or me

Me: no no no fuck that

He kept talking but i went on downstairs and walked out the door. TF IS THAT NIGGA ON DRUGS! I got in the car and pulled off. I was blasting Money Baby by K Camp

I like smoking weed, I like getting fly
I like having sex, I like girls who ride
I like my cup full, I like turning up
I like brand new shit so this is what I love to do
I like that money baby [x8]
Thats that shit I like (oh, oh)

I pulled up at the pool and parked. I grabbed my stuff and got out the car. I started walking to the pool entrance. I went inside and saw Kay sitting at a table so i went over to her.

Kay: hey baby

Me: hey

She gave me a hug. I then sat down. Then i saw Deontay coming in with his mom and i guess his lil brother. Then Greg walked over to me and Kay.

Greg: whats up

Me: heyy

Greg: ya baby here

We started laughing.

Me: he not my baby

Greg what he is then

Me: thats my bestfriend

Greg: ight whatever you say

Me: of course

Greg: anyway yall aint gonna get in the pool

Me: we are

Greg: ight

He then walked away. I took my romper off and me and Kay got in the pool. The water wasnt cold. Me and Kay was in the pool talking and chilling. Then i felt a splash on my back. I turned around and Tay was standing right there.

Me: why you do that whore

Tay: because ya back not wet

Me: so

Tay: aint not so

Me: thats ya little brother?

Tay: yea

Me: how old is he

Tay: 4

Me: o he got some pretty hair

Tay: we got them indians in our family

Me: sure

Tay walked away because his mother called him.

Deontay POV*

My mother had called me so i went to see what she wanted.

Mom: take ya brother to get in the pool

Me: ight

I took his shirt off and my shirt. We then went to get in the pool. First thing Tiffany did was touch his hair.

Me: girl get off his hair

Tiff: its pretty

Me: so

Tiff: i can do what i want

Me: Dayon tell her to get of ya hair

Dayon: get off my hair

Tiff: but ya hair is pretty

Dayon got out and went to the small pool.

Tiff: you teach him to be mean

Me: i dont teach him shit

Tiff: you do

Me: ok

Tiffany POV*

This nigga be teaching his brother to be mean. His lil brother cute.

Kay: hey Deontay

Tay: whats up

Kay: nun much

Kay then walked away and went to Isaiah. Greg got in the pool and dapped Tay up.

Tay: whats up

Greg: shit whats up with you

Tay: same

Greg: Tiffany i see you got in the pool

Me: i know i was gonna get in anyway

Greg: this ya girl yo

Tay: nah

I looked at him like he was crazy. I already answered him.

Greg: o ard where Janell

Tay: i dont fuck with her anymore

Greg: shawty cut her off , she had a big ass butt

Tay: i know where ya girl at

Greg: she over there

Tay: she not getting in the pool

Greg: idk

Tay: how you not gonna know

Greg: because her mother strict as shit and her mother here

Tay: o shit

Greg: right i got 2k14

Tay: trynna play that

Greg: im coming to ya crib

Tay: ight

I was just standing there listening there conversation. Ms.Sierra and some other lady came to us.

Ms. Sierra: hey Tiff

Me: hey

Ms. Sierra: the food ready if yall wanna eat

We all got out the pool and went to a table. Me , Tay , Greg , Kay , Isaiah and Greg girlfriend sat at one table.

Me: can you get my food for me Tay

Tay: what if i dont feel like it

Me: pwease

I poked my lip out.

Tay: what do you want

Me: put everything and then whatever i dont eat then i wont eat it

Tay: ight

They all went to get their food. I was just sitting down waiting for my food. I started taking pictures. I straight put it on instagram "QueenT at the pool or whatever." Ms. Sierra then came over to me.

Ms. Sierra: why you aint getting no food

Me: i am Deontay is getting it for me

Ms. Sierra: o ok

Then Greg came over.

Greg: Sierra im going to ya house today

Ms. Sierra: why boy i dont like you

Greg: because im ya favorite nephew and you love me

Ms. Sierra: mhm

Greg: me and my girl coming over there

Ms. Sierra: boy bye

I started laughing and Tay came over with my food.

Tay: mom go fix my plate

Ms. Sierra: hell no

Tay: please because you about to go fix Dayon plate

Ms. Sierra: imma think about it

Tay: i love you

I was laughing. Then she walked away. Everybody else came back to the table and Ms. Sierra came back to the table with Tay food.

Tay: thanks

Ms. Sierra: you welcome

Greg: you spoil ya kids

Ms. Sierra: no i dont

Greg: this nigga get treated like he the only child and shit

Ms. Sierra: watch ya mouth

She walked away from the table. We was all eating.

Me: Isaiah did you fuck Kay up

Everybody started laughing. Then Kay looked at me.

Kay: you dont need to know that

Tay: that means he did

Greg: damn bruh

Kay hit Tay on his arm. I started laughing.

Isaiah: we gonna fuck in the pool

Greg: yall them type of people to fuck anywhere yall go

Kay: hell no

Greg: nasty asses

Isaiah: but who still a virgin

Tay: dont even come for him like that because he get more bitches then you

Greg: thats so true bitch

Isaiah: hell no

Tay: whatever you say

Isaiah: ight thats ya girl sitting next to you

Greg: yea

Isaiah: whats her name

Greg: Shania

Tay: why you aint get in the pool

Shania: because my mother told me i couldnt

Me: o hell no ya mother crazy

Shania: she just strict and dont let me do certain things

Me: is putting on a bathing suit and getting in the pool hard to do

Shania: she let me wear them but not today

Me: why

Shania: to many boys

Kay: wow

Me: right

Tay: who trynna get tatted with me

Greg: im going but when

Tay: im trynna go today

Greg: ight we can go

Tay: ayo i hope you got money

Greg: i got stacks

Isaiah: im going to i need to get my mother name finish

Me: why you aint get it finished yet

Isaiah: that shit hurt like a bitch

Me: where you get it at

Isaiah: down my arm

Me: o

Kay: Tiff getting tatted

Me: imma cry if i get a tattoo

Tay: ya cry baby ass

Me: do you know what it feel like

Tay: yea

Me: where ya tattoo at

Tay: my dick

They started laughing and i looked at him with a straight face. This nigga know damn well he dont have a tattoo on his dick.

Tay: sike nah

Greg: that would be dumb as shit tho

Isaiah: how

Greg: because nobody not gonna see it

Isaiah: ya girl

Me: that shit is gonna look dumb

Tay: not if i get it

Me: its dumb no matter who get it

Kay: like wtf is the tatto gonna be of

Isaiah: anything

Me: wow

Shania got up and walked away.

Isaiah: she a virgin too

Greg: yea

Kay: hell no she gotta be a sneaky child

Greg: nah she dont do anything with out asking her mother

Tay: where tf you pick her up at

Greg: school

Tay: wow

Me: lets go get in the pool

We all got up and went to the pool. I pushed Tay in the water and then got in. Next thing i know i got picked up from under the water and dropped in the water. When i came back up i wiped my face off. I put my middle finger up at him.

Me: fucking whore

He started laughing.

Tay: when

Me: no comment

Tay: stop saying that shit

Me: no comment no comment no comment NO FUCKING COMMENT

He looked at me with a straight face. I stuck my tongue out at him and he splashed me in the face with the water. Some of the water went in my mouth.

Tay: how that water taste

Me: how my dick taste

Tay: so you got one of those

Me: yea

Tay: i knew you was a nigga

Me: you gay as shit then

Tay: no im not

Me: yes you is

Tay: how

Me: because you like me

Tay: no you like me

Me: ya dead wrong

Tay: damn , shit really got real

I started laughing. The party was almost over so we got out the pool. We went and sat in the sun so we can dry.

Tay: you trynna take me to go get tatted

Me: yea sure but im going home first to get in the shower

Tay: ight

Me: yea im trynna get a belly piercing

Tay: cool

I was dry so i got up and put my romper on. I put my sandals on and went to give Ms. Sierra a hug. Tay was walked me to my car. When we got to my car he gave me a hug and started walking back. I got in the car and pulled off.

Greg POV*

So i had a great ass day at the pool. Now about to go get tatted. We was getting in the car. Then Sierra got in. Then we pulled off.

Me: where Dayon

Sierra: he went with ya mother

Me: o

We pulled up at their house and we got out and went inside. Deontay went in the shower. I was watching tv on the couch.

Sierra: yall sitting in the house today

Me: nah

Sierra: where yall going

Me: we going to get tatted

Sierra: watch you gonna cry

Me: im not

Sierra: how yall getting there

Me: idk ask ya child

Sierra: yall must be walking

Me: idk

Deontay got out the shower and i went to get in the shower.

Deontay POV*

I got out the shower and dried off. I put on some dark blue boxer breifs then some grey sweatpants and a white v-neck shirt. I put on some white converses. I walked out my room and went downstairs. I sat on the couch. I got on instagram. I had hella comments on the picture with me and Tiffany. Niggas was really asking if she was my new girl now.

Mom: how yall going to get tattoos

Me: Tiffany

Mom: o ok im about to leave so love you

Me: love you too

She left. I heard Greg come downstairs. He had on some jeans with a shirt and some jordans.

Tiffany POV*

I got out the shower and went in my room and dried off. I put on a black belly shirt with some jeans. I put on my black toms. I put some nicki minaj perfume on. I combed my hair down and it was hella nappy. I left it down and got my fanny pack and put it on. I put my money in it with my phone. I went downstairs and walked out the door. I got in the car and drove off to get Tay. When in pulled up at his house i called his phone.

Tay: yea

Me: come outside like right now

Tay: ight

We hung up and him and Greg came out. They got in the car. Then i pulled off.

Me: what you getting

Tay: im grtting what you told ne to get

Me: o

Greg: what that is

Tay: QueenT on my wrist

Greg: you really gonna get that

Tay: nah im getting my mother name

Me: where

Tay: my arm

Me: ok

We pulled up at the Tattoo parlor and got out. We went inside and automatically got in the chair. Im getting QueenT on my wrist. THAT SHIT HURT!! I didnt cry tho. My Tattoo was finished so i jumped up hella quick. I paid the man. Greg then got in the chair. Deontay had his Tattoo done already. I showed him my tattoo and He showed me his. His tattoo was a rose with his mother name on top of it. It was cute. Greg then got finish. He had his zodiac sign On the top of his arm next to his shoulder. He paid and we left. We got in the car and pulled off. Im about to get my belly pierced. We was on our way to the mall.

Greg: man that shit hurt

Tay: ya weak ass

Me: it did hurt

Tay: you a girl so of course its gonna work

Me: that dont mean nothing

Greg: it really does

Me: whatever

We pulled up at the mall and we got out. We walked in the mall. They went somewhere and i went straight to the piercing place. I had to wait because it was a girl getting her nose pierced. When they was done i had got in the chair.

Girl: what are you getting done

Me: belly pierced

Girl: ight imma count to three

Me: ok

She picked up the needle. THIS BITCH DIDNT EVEN COUNT TO THREE BEFORE SHE PUT THE THING IN MY BELLY! She counted to 2. It didnt hurt and it was quick. I paid 40$ for my piercing. I walked off to find Tay and Greg. I couldnt find them. So i just started walking around.

Deontay POV*

I was with Greg in Footlocker. He bought him some Jordans. We then walked out.

Greg: how much you wanna bet i get this girl number coming down this way

Me: which one

Greg: shawty with the pink leggings on

Me: you bluffing

Greg: nah

Me: let me see it happen

When she got close he walked up to her. They stopped and started talking. He then pulled out his phone and i guess she gave him her number. They hugged and he walked back over to me.

Greg: see how easy that was

Me: nah

Greg: i get any girl i want

Me: no tf you cant

Greg: what , you crazy , i can take ya girl fuck you mean

Me: boy get tf outta here

I looked down to the bottom floor. I saw Tiffany. I yelled her name and she stopped and looked around. I called her name again and she looked up. She put her middle finger at me. Me and Greg went downstairs and went to her. She should me her belly ring.

Me: dont complain and say ya stomach hurt

Tiff: just for that i am

Me: im not gonna listen

Tiff: yes you are

Me: ight bet

Tiffany POV*

I want to take a picture.

Me: can one of yall take my picture

Greg: ight

He took some pictures of me. I was cute. I got my phone from him. We started walking. We walked out the mall and went to the car. We got in and pulled off. I pulled up at Tay's house.

Greg: im about to whip this nigga ass in 2k14

Tay: bet

They got out and went in the house and i drove home. When i pulled up at the house. I got out and went inside the house. Tre , Dre , James and Marcus was sitting on the couch playing the game.

Me: heyyy

Marcus: where you coming from

Me: nun of ya business

Marcus: well damn

I showed Tre my tattoo.

Tre: you trynna get tatted like me

Me: no i only have one and you got 5

Tre has 5 Tattoos all together. He got my mother name and my name on his chest with decorations around it. He got lips on his neck. He got praying hands and he got a girl on his side.

Tre: you going to get more

Me: idk

James: did it hurt

Me: hell yea

Kelly and Sean came downstairs. I guess they heard me say hell yea.

Sean: watch ya mouth

I ignored him. And showed Tre my belly ring.

Tre: i know that shit hurt

Sean: stop cussing

Tre: AYO!

Everybody looked at him. Kelly walked out the door.

Sean: me and Kelly about to leave so yall gotta leave

Me: they dont have to leave

Sean: they do have to leave

Me: dont be trynna bring no new shit in here

Sean: stay ina child place

Me: bit-

Marcus: o shit i wanna see this

Sean: you have no respect

He then left. Tf was he talking too. I went upstairs and went in my room.

Deontay POV*

I got in the house and my mother wasnt home. Greg went straight upstairs and started the game. I went upstairs and out some basketball shorts and a shirt. I got the other controller and we started playing the game. We was playing for a hour. Then he stopped playing and started talking on the phone with some girl. I started playing GTA5.

Greg POV*

I stopped playing because i wanted to talk on the phone. I called that girl i met at the mall. Her name is Jazmine.

Jaz: hello

Me: whats up

Jaz: who this

Me: Greg the one from the mall

Jaz: o hey

Me: wyd

Jaz: nun bored as shit hbu

Me: nun just got finish playing the game

Jaz: o where you stay

Me: hoodland drive hbu

Jaz: jersey circle

Me: o ight

Jaz: im finna come up ya house

Me: im not home , im at my cousin house

Jaz: thats a nigga

Me: yea

Jaz: o imma come up there and i can bring my homegirl for him

Me: nah he got a girl but you can come up here

Jaz: ight where he stay

Me: he live in circuit court up wjere the white people live at

Jaz: ight im on my way

Me: how you getting up here

Jaz: bus

Me: ight

We hung up.

Deontay: how tf you gonna invite sonebody to my house

Me: easy i just did it

Deontay: and you gotta girl

Me: so Shania cant come over so i aint worried

Deontay: her mother couldnt be my mother

Me: mine neither

Tiffany POV*

Im upstairs in my room and Tre came and told me that they was about to leave. Thats when they left. I got on instagram and put my picture up on instagram. I called Kay.

Kay: hello

Me: hey guess what

Kay: what

Me: i got my belly pierced and i got a tattoo

Kay: let me find out you got grown

Me: nah you got grown

Kay: how

Me: you know how

Kay: idk what you talking about

Me: if you dont know what im talking about then idk

Kay: ight whatever but wyd

Me: nun hbu

Kay: chilling

Me: wya

Kay: home

Me: who you with

Kay: Isaiah

Me: i knew it

She started laughing and Deontay was calling me on the other line.

Me: let me call you back

Kay: ight

She hung up and i clicked over.

Me: hello

Tay: whats up

Me: nothing

Tay: wyd

Me: just got off the phone with Kay

Tay: ooo

Me: imma facetime you

Tay: ight

We hung up and i went downstairs and started fixing me something to eat.

Deontay POV*

I stopped playing the game and Tiffany called me on facetime. I answered it.

Tiff: hey lil boy

I started laughing.

Me: wyd

Tiff: cooking

Me: i want some food

Tiff: not enough

Me: why aint it

Tiff: because its not

Me: forget you

Tiff: you cant forget me

Me: why cant i

Tiff: because im the best

Greg: hell no

Me and Greg started laughing.

Tiff: tell him stfu

Greg: if i dont

Tiff: imma tell

Greg: idc imma get Deontay to fuck you up

Tiff: stop fucking with me

Greg: are you gonna cry

Tiff: no

Me: QueenT fix me some food

Tiff: no

Me: ight be like that

Tiff: you aint wanna share with me

Me: share what

Greg: ya dick

Tiff: he gay for talking about ya dick

I started laughing.

Me: hell yea

Greg: i get PUS-SY

Tiff: sure

Me: where that girl that suppose to come

Greg: idk

I saw Tiffany eating her food.

Me: when you gonna share that food

Tiff: never

Me: why not

Tiff: i dont wanna share

Me: ard bet

Tiffany POV*

I was eating i went upstairs in my room with my food.

Tay: you in the house by ya self

Me: yea

Tay: somebody gonna get you

Me: dont say that

Tay: somebody gonna get you

Me: thats why i dont like you

Tay: i dont like you neither

Me: fuck you then

Tay: when tho

I ignored him.

Tay: i like how you ignored me

Me: what you say

Tay: when you gonna fuck me

I ignored him again.

Tay: im about to come over there

Me: for

Tay: so you can stop ignoring me

Me: do you think thats gonna stop me

Tay: yea beause imma beat you up

Me: im glad you think that

Tay: im glad i think that too

Me: see we on the same page

Tay: you sure

Me: positive

Tay: im glad you think that

Me: idc

I started singing All the way home by Tamar Braxton.

Tay: so you been thinking about me all the way home

I started laughing.

Me: nah

Tay: thats cool

Me: sike

Tay: nah

Me: forreal

Tay: nah

Me: i love you

Tay: i love you too

Me: YAY!

We started laughing.

Greg: but yall claim nothing going on between yall

Me: so

Greg: whatever

Me: guess what

Tay: what

Me: i like smoking weed , i like getting fly

Tay: o thats nice

Me: i know

Deontay POV*

I heard somebody knock on the door.

Me: that girl at the door

Greg got up and went to open the door. They both came upstairs in my room.

Me: tf is yall doing

Greg: tf you mean

Me: i mean what i just said

Tiff: you heard what he said

Greg: whatever

Tiff: you right

Me: what ya name is

???: Jazmine but you can call me Jaz

Me: ok

Tiff: entertain me Tay

Me: what you want me to do

Tiff: entertain me

Me: suggestions

Tiff: idk

Me: wyd tomorrow

Tiff: idk i might stay in the house

Me: o

Tiff: hbu

Me: chill with my mother

Tiff: cool

Greg: tell her shout me out

Me: Greg said give him a shoutout

Tiff: he thirsty for instagram followers

Greg: i aint thirsty

Me: so why you wanna shoutout

Greg: because my followers low

Jaz: i can give you a shoutout

Greg: how many followers you got

Jaz: 5894

Greg: hell yea give me a shoutout

Jaz: ok

Tiff: his thirsty for followers ass

Me: right

Tiff: i will give you a shoutout

Me: ight

Greg: thats not even right

Me: she got more love for me

Greg: idc fuck her

Tiff: fuck you too

Greg: when

Tiff: never whore

I started laughing.

Jaz: what you want me to put on ya shoutout

Greg: anything you want

Jaz: whats ya instagram name

Greg: globoy_greg

Me: follow me @TaysWorld

Jaz: ight

Tiff: i want some candy

Me: go get some

Tiff: then imma have to go to the store

Me: go to the store

Tiff: i dont feel like it

Me: well ya ass gonna keep wanting candy

Tiff: you mean

Me: why is that

Tiff: because idk

Me: wow unbelievable

Tiff: so

Me: ok baby girl

Tiff: ok baby boy

Me: dont call me that

Tiff: why

Me: because that movie is the struggle

Tiff: no it aint

Me: yes it is

Tiff: im about put it on

She put the movie on.

Me: i dont like you

Tiff: thats because you love me

Me: so

Tiff: i hate you Jody

Me: thats why i dont like that movie

Tiff: thats my favorite movie

Me: idc

Tiff: idc either

Me: dont talk to me until you turn that movie off

Tiff: nooo Tay

I ignored her. She kept calling my name.

Greg: ayo why you aint answering her

Me: because she watching Baby Boy

Jaz: whats wrong with that

Me: alot

Tiff: i turned it off Tay

Me: you better have

Tiff: buy me that new Beyonce CD

Me: what imma get in return

Tiff: my love tf

Me: i have no money

Tiff: you do have money

Me: not for you

Tiff: ok leave me alone now

Me: nah

She blocked the camera so i wouldnt see her. She really mad because im not gonna buy her that Beyonce CD.

Me: WOW! Thats fucking crazy

I got the remote and turned on Friday.

Greg: out of all movies you picked Friday

Jaz: i like this movie so shh

I started laughing. I would be real funny if i just changed the station.

Me: what time is it

Jaz: 12:30 in the morning

Me: what time you leaving

Jaz: idk

Greg: she not leaving

Me: why aint she

Greg: she staying here tonight with me

Me: you gotta put that up with Sierra

Jaz: who Sierra

Greg: his mother

Jaz: you call her Sierra

Me: nah

Jaz: o

Greg: she dont act like his mother

Me: yes she do , tf is you talking about

Greg: she spoil ya ass

Me: tf is you hating

Greg: never been the type

Me: seems like it

Greg: stfu and talk to Tiffany

Me: she mad right now

Greg: why

Me: because she want the Beyonce CD

Jaz: im getting it

I looked at her. WHY TF SJE HAD TO SAY SOMETHING!? Tiffany then hung up on me.

Me: you made her hang up

Jaz: how

Me: because you said you was getting it

Jaz: my bad

Greg: you hurt or what

Me: hell yea im hurt

I laid down and chilled watching tv.

Greg: fuck is you about to go to sleep

Me: nah

Jaz: are yall virgins

Greg: nah

Jaz: how about you

She pointed at me.

Me: dont talk to me right now

They started laughing.

Greg: he not a virgin

Jaz: o ard

Greg: are you a virgin

Jaz: nah

Greg: whats ya body count

Jaz: whats yours

Greg: 6

Jaz: o

Greg: whats yours

Jaz: dont trip but 26

Me: DAMN ! Ya thotie as-

I caught myself. THIS BITCH FUCKED 26 PEOPLE! SHE A THOTIE ASS BITCH! AND SHE TALKING ABOUT DONT TRIP! THIS BITCH BETTER GET TF OUTTA HERE IF SHE THOUGHT SOMEBODY WASNT GONNA TRIP! I could get her to suck my dick right now. Greg started laughing hard as shit. She was looking at me kind hurt.

Greg: why you fuck all them people

Jaz: they all ate most of my boyfriends

Me: hell no they just wanted to fuck you because they know you easy

Jaz: fuck you

Me: whenever you ready

Jaz: ugh just stop talking to me

Me: get out my room if you dont wanna talk to me thot

Jaz: no im not here for you

Me: exactly

She stfu and i was watching tv. Tiffany called me back but not on facetime tho.

Me: tf you hang up for

Tiff: because

Me: why

Tiff: you already know why

Me: you want me to get you that CD

Tiff: yes and you playing game

Me: how

Tiff: you saying you dont have money to buy it for me

Me: imma think about it

Tiff: ok

Me: ok

Tiff: wyd

Me: nun i got this thot in my house

Tiffany started laughing.

Jaz: you a bitch

Tiff: why you call her that

Me: she fucked 26 people

Tiff: got damn

Me: ikr

Tiff: wow

Me: when you want this CD

Tiff: sometime soon

Me: ok

I got up and went to open the door for my mother.

Mom: who you talking to

Me: Tiffany

Mom: o where Greg

Me: upstairs he got this thot in my room

Mom: dont call her a thot

My mother went upstairs and i followed her. She went in my room.

Greg: whats up Sierra

Mom: whats up shawty who told you that you can have people over at my house

Greg: Deontay

Me: hell no

Tiff: orrrr

Mom: watch ya mouth

Me: i didnt cuss

Greg: yes you did

Me: hell is a place

Mom: anyway whats ya name

Jaz: Jazmine

Mom: hey Jazmine im Sierra

Jaz: hey

Mom: Greg you better ask next time

Greg: ight but she staying the night

Mom: not tonight

Me: Tiffany can stay the night

Tiff: of course i can , ya mother love me

Greg: so what

Me: i sware ya ass stay hating

Greg: i know you heard him Sierra

Mom: i didnt

Me: i didnt say anything

Tiff: you did say something

Me: you suppose to be on my side

Tiff: i am

Me: mom look at my tattoo

I showed her my tattoo.

Mom: aww i love it Tay

Me: thanks

Mom: let me take a picture of it

Me: ok

She took a picture of my tattoo and she sent it to hella people and she put it on instagram.

Tiff: ya tattoo was cute

Me: thanks

Tiff: of course , whats gonna be your next tattoo

Me: my brother name

Tiff: when you gonna get QueenT

Me: i can get the next too

Tiff: where you gonna get it

Me: on my chest

Tiff: YAY!

Mom: tell Tiffany its pass her bed time

Me: Tiffany my mother said its pass ya bedtime

Tiff: i know

Me: she said she know

Mom: why she not sleep

Me: she waiting for me to put her to sleep

Tiff: i aint say all that

Mom: go to bed somewhere

Me: ight i love you

Mom: i love you too

I went in my room. Greg and Jazmine was laying down on the floor. I was on the phone with Tiffany until she got sleepy.

Me: goodnight

Tiff: goodnight

We hung up and then i went to sleep.

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