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I held back my tears as I watched their plane fly away from the airport window. The boys just left for their tour. I let out a disappointed sigh knowing they won't be back for a permanent break until May. Turning around I scanned the airport, reminding me of the last time I was here. The memory made me happy, but sad.

I sniffled and wiped away the tear that just fell from my face. Pulling myself together I took a deep breath and left the airport.

So I bet you're wondering how I've been.

Not bad, actually I've been great. It's been about a month since that weekend I got snowed in with the boys. I got home safe, and Hurlbutt didn't know a thing. Everything went fine after that, and as for Christmas? You'll never guess what happened on Christmas.


"Crap." Hurlbutt whispered as she looked at our plane tickets. We're going to Hawaii for Christmas, you think I'd be excited and all but Hurlbutt said I'm supposed to be her personal servant. But at least I'm going, right?

"What is it?" I asked impatiently as Olive and Matilda chattered about meeting hot boys in Hawaii. "I forgot to buy you a plane ticket, and their sold out. I don't know what to do." Hurlbutt said. "What?!" I yelled. How could she be so stupid? "So we can't buy me a ticket?" I asked. "Nope, there's no seats left." She frowned.

"Find somewhere else to go for the holidays, just don't bother going home because it's locked and you have no keys." Miss.Hurlbutt said. "Can you give me the keys?" I asked with worry. "No, I don't trust you. Don't do anything stupid, and I'll be back before New Years, bye." She said as her and the girls rushed into the plane.

I stood there confused, and upset. All the boys already left for their families this morning. And all my friends flew to their relatives. Just right then my phone rang, it was Liam.

"Hey." I sighed. "Hello love, has your plane left yet?" Liam asked. "No, Hurlbutt forgot to buy me a ticket being the idiot she is and now I'm stuck here." I explained. "So you have no place to go for Christmas?" Liam asked with a hint of happiness in his voice. "Yeah, why do you sound so happy?" I asked suspiciously.

"Because you're spending Christmas with me and my family." Liam said. "What? But haven't you already left?" I asked. "I'm just now leaving, I'll pick you up." He replied. "I can't just intrude like that." I said. "But my parents love you! And you can meet the rest of my family. You'll love them." Liam said. "If you say so,thanks so much!" I smiled. "I'm glad you get to come with me. I didn't want you to be with Hurlbutt on Christmas." Liam said. "Me too, bye. Love you." I said. "Love you too, I'll be right there."

Flashback over.

I had the best Christmas ever. Liam's family is wonderful. And as for New Years, Miss.Hurlbutt had a crazy party and locked me in my room so I snuck out to the boys party. It was SO fun.

There's also a new relationship. Zayn and Perrie Edwards from Little Mix are dating. I love Little Mix and I can't wait to meet Perrie because Zayn said she's wonderful. And whatever "thing" him and Jewels had is gone now, Jewels is dating some kid at school named Kaden. I haven't actually met him yet.

So their completely over each other now, which is good because after seeing all these pictures Zayn and Perrje look like THE BEST COUPLE EVER.

And that's all the news.

I turned on the radio on my way home to try to get my mind off Liam. "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes came on. Sighing in annoyance I turned it down, of course a love song comes on. I kept thinking about what he said before they left.

"I'm gonna miss you a lot." I whispered as I rapped my arms around his neck. "Me too, I don't know how I can live without you." Liam said dramatically as he stroked my hair. I smiled at his stupid comment. "Just remember to call me every day when your not busy." I said. "We can skype too, and I'll text you every second I can." Liam said.

"I'm gonna have to get use to living without my lifesaver." I half smiled at Liam as I pulled away. "Are you sure you'll be okay?" He asked. I nodded, but when he looked me in the eyes I shook my head no and he pulled me into his arms.

"You'll be okay, remember that I'm always thinking about you. And you're perfect, and no matter what anyone does to you, I love you and care about you. Just stay strong." He whispered. "I love you too. And I will, trust me." I said as I buried my head in his chest. He pulled away and kissed me, I kissed back and we smiled at each other while hugging.

"Come on love bird, we have to go!" Niall yelled as the boys were grabbing their luggage. "Bye. I love you!" Liam smiled his huge adorable smile that makes his eyes squint. I blushed. "I love you more."

He shook his head. "We've been over this, that's not possible." Liam teased. "Whatever you say, Li Li." I laughed. "See ya round, Sar-Bear." Liam said in a stupid accent as I laughed more. "Come on Liam, we can't miss our flight." Zayn smirked as he grabbed Liam's arm.

I waved and all the boys waved back. I smiled as I watched them run into the plane like idiots. I love my idiots though.

I pulled into a little coffee shop before I went home, I really don't want to go home. I walked in and it was almost empty, just a few people. I sat in a booth in the corner, humming along to the song on the radio.

"What would you like?" A waitress asked as she walked to my booth. "Um, hot chocolate." I said. "Okay, is that all?" She asked. "My boyfriend." I mumbled. "What was that?" She asked. "Nothing." I smiled suspiciously. She nodded and walked away.

Throwing my head against the table, I sighed. I cant go around moping. He'll be back, so I'm just gonna have to suck it up and be happy. I still have my friends, it's not like I'm all alone. When the waitress came back I lifted my head up and smiled.

"Thanks." I smiled again as she handed me my drink. "Your mood changed fast." She raised an eyebrow. "Yea, I know. I'm weird like that." I said as I took my drink and left.

I hopped in my truck and drove around. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm not going home where my mood will be ruined. I'm happy now, just by myself. Just me and the road, and Steve.

"IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT!!" I sang as I drove around. I checked my caller ID as my phone started ringing. It's Cory.

"Hello." I said happily. "Hey, aren't you supposed to be sad?" Cory asked. "No, why?" I asked back. "Because your boyfriend just left for tour." She replied. "Oh, well I was sad, until I realized that being sad does nothing. So now I'm on a road trip." I said. "What?!" Cory yelled. "I'm glad you're happy and all, but do you even know where you are?" She asked.

"Of course." I lied, I have no idea where I am. "Okay, just don't do anything stupid." Cory said. "Well geez, love you too!" I yelled. "Did you have too much coffee or something?" Cory asked. "I had hot chocolate!" I answered. "Okay, well did it have coffee in it?" She asked again. "I don't know!" I sighed. "I'm just happy because I get to drive Steve by myself and I don't have to go home!" I said.

"Okay then, bye." Cory hung up. I smiled to myself and kept driving. Feels nice to be free. No Hurlbutt, no grubby slug bug.

I drove around for a while until it got dark, I know where I am. It's a back road I've been on before, but it's all gravel so I'm having trouble driving on it. While I was driving a huge POP made me jump.

What the heck could that be?

It felt like a huge shake. Sighing in annoyance I got out of the truck and checked the tires. Me eyes widened.

"Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap!!!!" I yelled in frustration. "A flat tire, really?!" I said as I kicked the tire. "Sorry Steve." I mumbled. Someone's gonna have to come get me, ain't no way im walking back in the dark. I got in the truck and called Jewels, she didn't answer. Then I called Anna, nope. Layla, voicemail, I even called Austin but he didn't answer. I sighed, I'm gonna have to call Cory.

"You're lost aren't you." Cory asked the second she picked up. "No, Steve has a flat." I said. "Are you kidding me?! Where are you?" She asked. "Some back road." I replied. "I need an address." Cory said. I gave her the address and she sighed.

"I'm at a family dinner, I can't go get you." She explained. "Well no one else will answer their phones!" I ran my hands through my hair. See what happens when I'm happy? I do something stupid. Just then I got another call coming in. "Someone's calling me, I'll talk to you later." I said as I hung up and answered my other call, it's Anna.

"Hey, why'd you call me?" She asked. "I'm on a dirt road and my truck had a flat." I frowned. "OMG really? I'll come get you!" She said. "Thanks, I'll have a tote truck get Steve tomorrow. I just need to get home." I said. "Don't worry, I'll get you there!" Anna said. I told her the address and she said she'd be here in 30 minutes.

So I guess I'm stuck in the wilderness for a while.

It's really creepy here, so I rolled up the window and locked the doors. "Don't worry Steve, you'll be okay." I patted the steering wheel. Call me crazy but Steve is my baby. I played on my phone to occupy my time. But times going really slow. Just then liam called.

"Hey, we just got to our hotel. What are you doing?" Liam asked. "I was just driving around and my truck got a flat." I said causally. "What? Is someone coming to get you?" He asked. "Yea, Anna's coming. It's just creepy here." I said. Liam laughed. "You'll be fine, just lock your doors."

"I did." I rolled my eyes. Then I saw a car pull up, I can't see what it looks like. "I think Anna's here." I said. "Good." Said Liam. Then two people with masks walked out. And I realized that's not Anna's car.

"Liam, that's not Anna." I said. "Are you sure?" Liam asked. The two people walked to the car slowly. I couldn't see them anymore because I couldn't tell which way they were going.

"Liam I'm scared." I said as I looked around. "Tell them that if they hurt you, I'll hunt them down and kill them!!" Liam yelled so that maybe the people could hear them. "Just stay still and slide down in your seat as low as you can." Liam said, he sounded worried. Really worried. But I was too scared to move.

I closed my eyes and listened to Liam tell my that I'll be fine and to kick the people as hard as I can if they get me. Just then the people walked up to my window and yelled, "GET HER!!"

"AAAAHHHHH!!!" I screamed as my phone went flying towards the back seat. "PLEASE DONT KILL ME!!" I screamed as I buried my head in my lap. I rocked back and forth expecting to hear them break in the truck and kill me. But instead of that I heard laughing, not evil laughing.

Jerkish laughing.

I looked up from my seat and rolled down my window to see Anna and Austin laughing their butts off. I sat there motionless and watched them, my glare must've been scary because when they looked at me they immediately stopped.

"Hi." Anna waved. "YOU SCARED THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF ME!!!!" I screamed. "Sorry, but that was hilarious!" Austin said as they laughed more. I reached into the back seat and grabbed my phone.

"Sarah? Are you there? HELLO!!!" Liam yelled. "Yes Liam, it was all a joke." I said. Liam let out a long sigh. "I was about to call the cops!"

"You can thank Anna and Austin for that. I'm going to kill them now, I'll talk to you when I get home." I said. "Bye." I hung up. I flung my door open and locked the truck. Anna and Austin followed me to the car. I got in the back seat and Austin drove.

"So, why's he here?" I asked as I pointed to Austin. "Oh, he just came over for dinner." Anna said. "Ooh really?" I wiggled my eyebrows. They looked back at me and gave me a freaky look.

"What?" I asked. They ignored me and started talking. "Ok so as I was saying before we got here...." Anna started some story as I sat in the back like a loner.

"No.way." Austin said. "Yes way!! And I'm just like HECK TO THE NO!!" Anna yelled. They started jabbering about it. "It's okay I like being the third wheel anyways." I said quietly. But they didn't hear me. I listened to them the whole way home. They are so funny. Note my sarcasm.

"Thanks a lot, bye." I waved as they dropped me off. I stormed in the house and ran to my room before Hurlbutt could do anything.

My poor little Stevie is all alone. If I come back for him tomorrow and something happened to him, trust me, it will not be pretty.


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