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1. Winter Wonders

2. Bad news

3. Food & bad memories

4. Secret in the fiery village

5. The new one found

6. Frozen in fear

Back cover:

The humans are gone. The wolves have taken over. There are 4 different packs that now roam.

All will fight for their territory, food, water, and for their survival, which at every moment is a stake. Will any wolf survive?

Winter Wonders

" Ha! Ha! Ha! U can't get me, Snow!"

"no u can't get me, Silverfish!" "I bet I can!" said silverfish. "how much u wanna bet," replied snow. " are u guys REALLY gonna bet on who can get the other? I mean ur running on ice!" asked north star. "Maaaaayybbbee" snow and silverfish said simioltanestly. BOOM! The 3 looked over to where they heard the explosion and saw a cloud of powder snow and smoke covering the blue sky. "ICEE!," north star howled in fear when she saw her baby brother running down the hill, atop of which the explosion happened. CRACK! The ice that snow and silverfish stood on was shattering. "Hurry! Jump on this rock, sticking out of the ice!" yelled north star. "u first!" silverfish told snow. "no u!" she said back. "no u! "they started arguing. "JUST JUMP ON!" screamed north star. Snow jumped on without a word. Then so did silverfish. But silverfish got cut when she jumped and was bleeding. She didnt say that though. Icee finally made it to the shore, but he was too late. The ice had either floated away or melted, and it was too far to swim over to his sister and her friends. Icee started panting. He couldnt get enough oxygen! He was getting sleepy and started to stumble.

Bad news

"stone sand! Great alpha stone sand!", howled dustpaw. "what is it dustpaw?", stone sand barked. "its the jungle pack! They want to take over this little oais in this dessert!" dustpaw cried. "well, it's time to get ready then. Get everyone together." stone sand commanded. "ok sir!" dustpaw said, then ran away to get others. Stone sand started thinking. If this started a fight between the packs, then others would join and create havoc. This could end up killing his pack. He was most worried about the havoc ending up killing his daughter, tumbleweed. "hey dad!" tumbleweed said cheerfully. "woah! Oh hey tumbleweed! U scared me!" "I'm sorry..." tumbleweed bowed her head down waiting for punishment for scaring her dad, who is the alpha. "No, it's ok! Tumble wumble!" stone sand said cheerfully. He couldn't think about havoc right know. He needed to keep his pack, daughter, and himself alive. But how?

Food & bad memories

It was the Day for gathering food. It began like any other gathering day. All the jungle wolves came from their home to the big tree. "welcome jungle wolves! It is a pleasure to see u all! Today is the day for food, of which the jungle provides! And as long as we know how to harvest that food, we will have full bellies for life! Now! LET US START THE HARVEST!" rosepetal would say, because she had the speaker birth mark. This birth mark are two upside down droplet markings under the speakers eyes. These markings can be any color. Rosepeatal had pink rose colored markings of which her mother wolf named her after. Everyone got a paw -made basket and then set into the jungle to find food. Flamescar got his basket and set forth. The growing teenager wolf hated these gathering days, and for a sad reason which he will never forget. When he was a young pup just able to open his eyes, his mother wolf had left for gathering day. It was a normal gathering day kinda like today, until the flame pack came. His siblings stayed at home but he went to find mama. He was on his way until a flame wolf, which he now knew as ash jumped out of a bush and burned a scar down his right eye. He howled in pain, and his mother, apple ,rushed to him. She saw ash and attacked. It was a long, brutal battle. Both apple and ash were bleeding badly. Ash ran away, leaving apple lying on the ground, dying. Apple looked at her baby pup and just managed to whisper "flamescar, take care your siblings. Keep them alive. And Get revenge on that wolf. I love u!" apple's eyes closed. She was gone. "mama! Mama!" flamescar cried. After hearing mama call him flamescar he knew that was his name from now on. Flamescar shook his head. He needed to think about finding food now. He gathered some herbs and berries, until he saw a glimse of eyes. That made no sense! He thought the eyes looked like they belonged to ash. But why would she be back? No it couldnt be! He kept walking. "the memory is driving me crazy!" he thought. But, he was more wary during the rest of the hunt.

Secret in the fiery village

"I can't stand this anymore, Spark! I just can't!" whined charky. "so u think I like it here? Well, I dont! Wild wolves werent meant to live in human homes! Old or not!" spark growled back. "if we are not meant to be in old human homes, then why are we in this 1!" charky asked. "shelter. Storms coming. Dangerous one." spark stared out the large hole In the wall while talking. "but what about the mission? Tinder will be furious if we don't finish it through!" charky asked. " Tinder? Man, I know he is alpha wolf, but he freaks me out! Talk about scary!" spark replied. "ya, cousin!" charky cheered!

The new one found

Man, running along tree tops is more fun than I thought! Thought poisonpaw. "OW! He yelped. What felt like needles were pouring out of the sky. He started running faster, to try to find shelter, and To get out of the storm. BOOM! Thunder erupted from the sky. "AWWW!" poisonpaw had fell through some leaves. he closed his eyes."UGG!" he hit something. He opened his eyes and saw that he was just hanging on a branch by his claws. Poisonpaw tried to pull himself onto the branch but it was no use. He them managed to look down and see another branch a little bit behind his back legs. So he swung forward, then backward. His back claws are just able to latch into the branch. Poisonpaw unhooked his front paws from the 1st branch and falls, back legs still attached to the 2nd branch. While hanging upside down, he sees some bushes below him. It's a gamble, but he let's himself fall. CRACK! "ow! I'm In pain!" he says. "gotta get up!" while standing, poisonpaw makes sure he didn't get hurt from the fall, it was just some scratches. "well, that's good but what was that noise?" poisonpaw looks up. "oh that's not good!" the branch had started breaking and the situation was too close for him . "aaaaaaaa!" he heard something whimper.

It sounded like it came from down below this small cliff. He thought. Poisonpaw went to investigate the noise. "it's.....it's a pup." poisonpaw stuttered. He jumped off the cliff to the pup, covering it from the rain. They both needed shelter.

frozen in fear

"Icee just blacked out!" silverfish worried. "why is this happening to me! How do I deserve this! What did I do!"north star whimpered. "both of u please stop!" snow yelled. "we need to try to get back to land." "ok!" north star and silverfish agreed. "silverfish, are you ok?" north star asked. "I don't know. I'm dizzy.......eh." silverfish blacked out. "look at her back leg! Its all bloody!" snow noticed. "Wat do we do?!?"north star worried. "we need to get back to shore." snow replied.

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