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Aleks pov.

I felt my heart skip a beat as I looked in her eyes. And then I looked out the window and saw her walking up the drive way her orange hair framing her face.


She looked up at me and I walked out onto the balcony looking down at her she looked up at me tilting her head.

"What do you want?" I asked ticked off I remember her I always will.


I kissed my love the girl I was planing on staying with forever. She glanced up at me something was wrong in her eyes but she kept on a small smile. "Hey can you go down to the store and get me a few things?" she asked pecking my lips.

This girl had me wrapped around her finger. "Anything for you Tiff." I kissed her longingly and we smiled at each other. she handed me the list and we said good bye before I left to goto Walgreens.

I looked around the isles grabbing the items on the list one of them was some new foundation for her. I don't know why she needed it she was already beautiful. I then grabbed 2 Pepsimaxs and headed to cheek out. Leaving I hurried over to my car seeing my breath since it was five degrees outside.


When I reached the house I started up the stairs to our room when I heard it the thing that ended our relationship. "Please harder." I heard Tiffany moan. I crept up the stairs to our room and slowly opened the door. I dropped the bags to the floor my jaw dropped and eyes wide. A man I knew to well my brother was on top of her moaning into her.

A tear fell from my eyes and I didn't whip it away. I felt the anger in me boil into rage and I yelled "IS THIS WHY YOU SEND ME OUT TO GET STUFF FROM THE STORE! WHY YOU HAVE A SAD AND GUILTY LOOK IN YOUR EYES? TO FUCK MY BROTHER!"

She looked up at me and stuttered "I-I can explain!" she pleaded. "FUCK YOU GET OUT OF MY HOUSE WERE OVER!" "Aleks." she tried again. "GET out." I said silent tears poring down my face. She pulled out of my brother moaning pulling up her pants and left. My brother climbed out the balcony silently leaving.

I broke threw my computer against the wall and sobbed for days until Eddie came and made me leave my room.


"To talk. please Aleks I love you." I felt Fae walk up behind me still drunk. "Hey you need to leave my boyfriend alone." she called down to Tiffany. I turned around an whispered to Fae "Hey go inside ok I'll be right there."

She nodded turning and left. "I see." Tiffany called back up. I turned around and shut the door but before I did I heard "leaving him was the biggest mistake of my life." I shook my head and laid Fae down on the bed.

She giggled before she pulled me close and fell asleep.

Faes pov.

I woke up and felt protective arms around my waist I opened my eyes and the migraine came at full force. I groaned closing my eyes and then got up an ran to the toilet and started to vomit my eyes hurt as did my stomach and I felt someone grab my hair and pull it up and whisper soothing words into my ears.

I looked up at Aleks. "Thanks." he nodded his head and placed a kiss on my fore head. Wait what the hell. "I missed you" he whispered and left. I tilted my head in confusion and the got up chase ing after him. "Aleks what do you mean you mis-." I was cut off mid sentence when a certain pair of lips crashed into mine and I kissed back as he moved me so I was on his lap on the bed.

I pulled back. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Kissing my girl friend." he replied and buried his face into my neck. "YOU REMEMBER!" I gasped pulling him down.

Last night you called me your boyfriend and it all rushed back the plane, being shot, our first kiss, the car crash when you came and found us, your burnt house, the first time we showed our love.

Tears of joy escaped my eyes and he pulled me close to his chest.

I shoot up right still in bed. I looked around Aleks was gone a note replaced him saying "Hey Fae went an slept on the couch -Aleks" I sighed and ran to the bathroom throwing up all the Drinks and food I had last night my eyes blood shot an my stomach churning.

I got up and flushed the toilet no one was there to hold back my hair or to whisper soothing words I had to face it He would never love me he will never remember.

I washed my face and let tears roll from my eyes. I changed into one of his HD sweaters and sweat pants. I put my hair up into a messy bun and headed downstairs to smell eggs.

"Eggs helps the hangover." I heard Aleks call out chuckling Causing my migraine to worsen. I went up to him and lightly slapped him upside the head. "Some of us don't feel well." I grumpily sat down at the bar eating my eggs and everyone was silent. "What's up with you?" Aleks asked ticked off I hit him since he still doesn't remember me and thinks I'm just some random girl who lives in his house probably.

"Oh nothing my dreams betrayed me." I snap back. Laying my head in my hands and feeling the tears well up in my eyes. "I'm going to go do something up stairs. Knock please if you want to come in." I whisper getting up and walking up the stairs.

I shut the door then grabbed my phone and set it up. I haven't done this in a while. You see I was a small youtuber 100 or so subscribers. I neglected my channel since the car crash which was several months ago. Every time brad saw me recording he would beat me.

I shuddered at that thought and kept telling my self he's dead you killed him. But I felt like he was out there searching for me and it truly scared me.

(AN Ok so I do have a youtube channel that's in progress so for now I'm not use ing the youtube name or what she calls her subs.)

I pressed record on my iPhone and heard the dong signaling it was recording and began to give my update. "Hey everyone so I just wanted to say I'm not dead. It's been a hard last months and let me tell you right now 1. I'm hung over and 2. I will probly cry just so you know." I began my story from the begging to the end explaining to my subscribers everything every detail every story.

By the time I finished I was sobbing and I had snot and tears everywhere.

"Oh now I'm crying." I laughed smiling a little while whipping away the tears. "Ok well like, comment, and subscribe and I'm gonna go cause ya no."

I ended the video and picked up my phone while turning around and looking towards the door at the people piled in the door way some with tears of their own. ""Hi." I whispered waving. "Group hug."Eddie called and they all came in hugging me and whispering soothing words. "Shh let it out." I cried and cried into their shoulders and the thought crossed my mind. "I can't throw away everything because I love him.

These are my friends and I need to show them I'm strong for Aleks.


So I hope you liked the chapter if so.





Bai my loves <3

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