Chapter 9

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Karly's POV:

I don't really know why, but I was SUPER excited to be staying with Soundwave. I felt nothing but joy and giddiness, and a load of excitement. Ever since I've met Soundwave, I felt happiness I've never felt before. Every time I'm with him I can't help but be happy and giddy.

After Soundwave dropped me off at my house to get a few things, I had him go ahead and head back to his cave. Eagerly I went to my semi rebuild house and ran into my room and grabbed what few things that survived from the fire.

Lucky me I was always paranoid of starting a fire so I bought fire-proof safes, after all you can't be an experimenter and inventor if you don't prepare yourself.

Opening the large safe were my closet it supposed to be, I snatch up my laptop, my comics, my drawing supplies, and my pillow and blankets off my NEW bed. Stuffing all of my stuff into my duffel bag, I practically skip down the stairs. Like I said my mother wanted to remodel the house, and she wanted a two story.

With my duffel bag over my shoulder, I walk through the woods and towards the large cave Soundwave as chosen as his home.

Once inside, I climb up onto my rock were a few of my things are along with an air up mattress. Pulling my stuff out I situate everything around in my small little area before hopping down off the rock with my lap top. Walking towards Soundwave's large table, I have difficulty climbing up the latter with my laptop and its cables. I huff in annoyance before yelping when I'm plucked up off the ground and set onto the table. Looking over to Soundwave I grin.

"Thanks!" I chirp.

He nods before turning back over to his monitor.

I roll my eyes at how predictable he is, before I sit down on the metal table and begin working on my laptop. Searching through the internet, I find a murder page, curious I click it only to find it was the men that tried to….rape me.

I freeze, and images of that night flash in my brain. I look at the page and several images of the suppose 'murder' are shown, I don't know what came over me but seeing the lifeless bodies of those pathetic men brought a smirk to my face, before I quickly shook it off. Deciding it was best to leave the page, I begin to get curious in wondering how many siting's there are of Cybertronians. Clicking on several pages a pop up bleeps on my laptop, curious I click it.

Who are you?

The flip? Checking my firewall I block several things in my computer just incase this is a hacker.

Who's asking?

I grin at my reply, a few seconds later I get a reply.

What do you know about aliens?

I raise a brow.

Depends who's asking, sorry bro I'm not answering any of your questions until I know your trustworthy.

I grin as I wait on the person to reply.

My name is Raf.

I sigh.

Names Karly, but us telling our names solves nothing. How about this I give a little hint and you complete it?


It starts with Cyber, and ends with n.


Smart kid.

What do you know about Cybertronians!

Enough, but I still don't know if your trustworthy, for all I know you could be a military official, I don't trust anyone involve in the government if you get what I'm saying.

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