Does He Know?

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There was something wrong with Scarlett Okefee. Sure, it's not like she was impaired or anything drastic - but she was inadept at landing an honest, sweet guy.

A lot of girls claim to have this problem - not attracting boys. But Scarlett, had everything completely opposite. She attracted guys, just all the wrong ones.

Boyfriend #1 - Jakob, who's name should have given away that he was very much so gay. But a prepubescent teenage girl with an open heart and bad acne (really, bad acne.) could see past his Lady Gaga obsession and the shady bars he constantly visited.

And who could forget Martin, who hit more on Scarlett's youthful looking mum, claiming "Isn't she your sister?" 

Ben, who was obsessed with mermaids.

Alex, who's idea of a perfect date included running a mile side-by-side on the tredmile.

Troy, who enjoyed eating glue.

And Kyle, who as of now, residated in jail for streaking.

Scarlett didn't deliberately look for lunatics, or crazy people - she attracted them. But there had to be something different about boyfriend number seven.

Her father had been boyfriend number seven to her mum, and he was a keeper.

So call Scarlett a hopeless romantic! Eighteen years old and she only had sky-scraping hopes for her next boyfriend - this guy, would be her soulmate.

She just didn't expect to get two soulmates.

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