Chapter 3

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You get to Sarah's house and are out of breath. You knock and the door opens and Sarah drags you in. Your laughing as she drags you to the living room. You sit down and Sarah's husband, Mark walks in with a baby girl in his arms. You walk over to them and ask, "what's her name?" "Her name is Rosemary," says Sarah with a soft smile on her face. "Can I hold her?" "Of course," says Mark.

 After awhile Rosemary fell asleep and was put in her crib. You and Sarah talk in the kitchen. "So who came here with you?" Sarah asks. "Oh you're going to be mad when I tell you. But it's because I'm a YouTuber now," you say. "Well I know your a YouTuber. So who?" Sarah asks once again. "Pewdiepie, Cutiepie, and a friend of theirs named Ryan," you sigh. "Well that explains why you said a Swedish friend. Hey you said that they brought a friend named Ryan, right?" Sarah asked. "Yeah. What's your point?" You ask. "What if he is Cry?" Your friend says. "What? No it can't be I was plays TTT with Cry, Pewdie, Nanners, and Minx," you say. "Whatever. But if I'm right I finally get to tell YOU 'I told you so'," says Sarah. "Alright. I got to get back. Marzia is probably getting dinner ready. Bye, it was great to see you again," you say. You say good bye to Mark and head back to where you are staying.

 It's Saturday and you get invited to Cry's stream. You answer back that you would be happy to.

 When you get on you feel awkward due to what Sarah said. You sigh into the mic on accident. "What's wrong friend?" Cry asks. You blush and say, "nothing it's just something a friend of mine told me..." "What did your friend say?" Asks Scott. "Well we were talking about how I'm in Sweden with Pewds, Marzia and a friend of theirs... and she had a feeling she knew who the friend is on YouTube. I tried to deny it but now I'm not sure any more." "Who does she think the friend is?" Asks Russ. "She thinks the friend... is... Cry," you say hesitantly. "Oh," everyone says. Cry starts to laugh awkwardly. "Uh... your friend isn't wrong. I'm on vacation with Pewdie and Marzia as well," Cry says. You bang your head on your desk just missing your laptop. "Are you okay?" Red asks. "No... I'm an idiot. My friend know who he was before me and she just knew his name," you say. Scott and Russ start laughing. "Whatever I think I'm done for today. Have fun you guys," you say. They replay with byes and you get off your computer. "I'm an idiot. My crush is in the next room," you mumble in to your pillow. You try to fall asleep not wanting to be on vacation and just go find a job. 'This will get interesting," Mad Ness says in your head. You shoot up and look in the mirror and see your eyes have red around your pupils which means Mad Ness is trying to take over. (A/n: im going to call Mad Ness Maddie for short now). As you search for your medication your eyes are turning red. Ryan who is also Cry comes in to see you rummaging through your things. "What are you looking for friend?" Ryan asks. You keep your head down so he doesn't see your eyes. "Ryan please get. I don't want you to get hurt," you say just as Maddie takes over. "What do you mean? How would I get hurt?" Ryan asks. You raise your head and cry sees your eyes are red. Ryan gasps. "Hello my name is Mad. Mad Ness. But you can call me Maddie," you say. "So your (name)'s other 'personality'?" Ryan asks. "I guess you can say that," you say with a maddened smirk. You walk towards the door and Ryan grabs your wrist. "Where are you going?" He asks. "Out to have a little fun," you say, a maddened smirk plastered on your face still. Ryan doesn't let go but he tightens his grasp. "What kind of fun?" "I'm in a new country. So I'm going to go on a killing spree obviously," your smirk getting wider. Ryan's head is down. "No, don't," he says. "Why not?" You ask tilting your head to the side. "I...I don't want you to," he whispers. Your eyes somehow are going back to (eye colour). 'I'll leave for now (name). For now,' Maddie say in your head as you come back to your self. Ryan looks up to see your eyes are back to their original colour. "(Name)," Ryan say as he pulls you into a hug. You stand there shocked. "I'm back! How?" You ask Ryan. "I don't know I'm just happy your back," Ryan says. "Hm maybe it's you," you mumble to your self. "What do you mean?" He asks. "Oh you heard me. Um well I... I like you," you say hesitantly. Ryan has a soft smile and starts to lean closer to you. You close the distance and your lips touch in a sweet chaste kiss. "I guess you like me as well," you say with a giggle. Ryan pulls you back too him for another kiss. This time slow and passionate.

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