Chapter 8

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Louis felt small soft hands running softly over his cheek, a cool cloth being run against his forehead and the warmth of a body pressed to his side; the soft curves and the delicate scent turning his stomach. Trying to sit up and move away from the smell, the beautiful floral smell he heard the soft whisper of his name and the gentle push of hands on his shoulders. These ones bigger stronger and definitely more manily than the ones that were softly touching his face. Soft murmurs floated round him but he couldn’t even work out if they were real voices or the ones he always heard when he had been drinking a lot. The sudden realisation that he was probably being cared for by Eleanor and some other unknown man, was ever so slightly startling and yet ever so calming that he still couldn’t bring himself to care any more. 

Rolling his face away from Eleanor he slowly tried to peel his eyes open but hissed as the bright light burned them, his hands flying to cover his face. Frowning slightly as his hand touched his face and he felt the soft press of bandages on his skin. Finally dropping his hands and letting his eyes open, he wasn’t sure who expect to be here; well he had hoped that it would be Harry. That Harry had come over and told him that he had broken up with Taylor and he and Louis were it. That there was no other person for him.

But opening his eyes he was still taken aback by who was there, his face crumpled and he felt like he really must have gone off the deep end if Eleanor had got him to fly all the way out here. Knowing that once Louis got this way and that he just couldn’t go to Harry that he really was the next best thing. He felt the hand rub through his hair and a soft puppy like smile form on his lips, not showing that he was angry or disappointed or even that he felt sorry for him; but showing just how much he wanted to be there and help him. Forcing a watery smile onto his lips as he reached out with his bandaged hand, grasping tightly onto Liams slightly shaking one.

“Hey…” it came out all rough and showed just how much he had really fucked up the day before. Well he was pretty sure it was the day before, because well there was no way that Liam would fly up from Florida unless he had completely fucked up. Liam leant forward placing his forehead against Louis, hoping to give him the small amount of contact and comfort he had been craving. Showing that even though Louis had shoved him away locked him out that he was still there for the boy. Acting like the big brother, to a boy two years his senior. Sighing softly Louis let Liam pull him up so he was sitting, it was only now he could see just what he must have done the day before.

Curtains were laying on the floor, mirrors were smashed and small pools of blood was drying onto the surface. Swallowing slowly and raising his hands to stare at through bleary sleep filled eyes he could see the bandages went right up to his elbow and were tied beautifully.

Liams placed his glasses gently down on his nose and tucked them behind his ears. Watching and waiting to see what would happen next, constantly looking over at Eleanor who seemed like she wanted to leave. That he didn’t even want  to be sat there, with Louis. Louis turned wide-eyed and vulnerable to her watching as her large eyes fell to her well-manicured hands. Watching as she twisted the material of the single most expensive dress he had bought her while she had been here with him. Watching as she sighed and looked up at him, watching as she opened her mouth and said, her voice strong and showing that at this point she no longer cared for what Louis thought of her. “I’m not being your girlfriend anymore. Not when I have to deal with you. That’s why Liams here. He is going to look after you and I am going to go home. Get a degree and have a life.” She sighed and smiled at him, “I don’t want you to talk to me again. No texts or calls or tweets. Nothing.” She slowly stood and walked out the room.

Louis watched her, his heart shrivelling up and just getting slower. He wasn’t sad that he wasn’t having to pretend to love her anymore he was more sad at the fact that even though this situation hadn’t been ideal he had been sure he had found a life long friend in Eleanor. They had sat up together talking about boys over ice cream, they had told each other things about themselves that no one else knew and Louis had been sure that’s what you did with a best friend. But according to Eleanors words none of it had meant as much to her as it had to Louis. He couldn’t help but think that this had only come about because he had wanted to be out and open. He wanted to love who he did love and ended up loosing two people that had been an integral part of it.

He felt a set of arms slowly wrap round his waist and pull him back, the warm touch of a hard much larger body was comforting and showed he wasn’t completely alone; not yet anyway.

Sighing softly he felt lips press into his hair, “She never said she was going to do that.” Liam supplied his voice still soft and they listened as the main door to the room opened and closed.

Louis had never been so glad for Liam in his life, not even when he saw Liam pull his phone off his bed side table. The screen cracked and the lock screen filled up with messages and missed calls, the occasional twitter notification. He couldn’t even think about why this all seemed to feel like his whole world was round his ankles, why he had over forty missed calls from Harry and messages from every one of the management team. Turning his face up to look at liam he felt the boy grip him tighter and press yet another kiss to his hair. About to open his mouth to speak he was stopped by his phone ringing.

The song ringing through his whole body and making him want to be sick. Harry was calling him again and he watched as Liam raised his eyebrows almost asking “Want to answer it?” shaking his head as a negative Liam clicked the answer button and pressed it to his own ear.

He could hear the frantic low tone of Harrys voice, the way Liams eyebrows got closer together and he let his eyes fall to Louis. Finally Liam spoke, “Harry…no. No he is not alright. No shut up Harry.” His voice dropping and turning almost frightening, Louis went completely still in his arms. “Harry you don’t even know what you’ve done do you?” a few seconds pass and then he starts again “That’s what I thought! You haven’t seen him! He is a mess! He has bandages all the way up to his elbows and I had to put them there!” Liam finally pulled the phone away from his ear and hung up and dropped the phone onto the floor.

Louis watched as Liam moved back and stood up. Louis started to panic thinking that Liam was about to leave too but instead he turned and pulled Louis to the side of the bed. His strong arms looping round Louis and pulling him up. Louis blinked and let himself be carried. Looking as they walked into the bathroom, which appeared to be untouched, except for the few drops of blood on the floor. Being placed on the toilet seat and feeling Liam pull the socks off his feet. The gentle nature that Liam slowly pulled his thin t-shirt over his head, gently easing his arms out of the sleeves and dropping it into the small pile.

Jerking back a little as Liams fingers came to the zipper of his jeans, Louis tried to force Liams hands away. Not that he wasn’t comfortable with Liam seeing him naked but this would be the first time he would be naked in front of someone since Harry. Liam slowly peeled his hands away dropping them so they were handing loosely by his sides and pull his jeans off slowly.

Louis sat naked on the toilet seat, his body loose and now pliant; while Liam walked over to the bath and ran the water. Louis couldn’t stop the words leaving his mouth then, “Trying to seduce me Li?” his voice rough like the first time he had successfully deep throated Harry.

Liam burst out laughing and turned to Louis, “Damn! Saw right through my plan there Louis!”

Blinking slowly Louis felt a brief smile and a soft laugh come from him, not fully registering with his hearing but showing enough that he knew it had in fact happened. Liam walked over and slowly started unwinding the bandages from his wrists as he stated they needed to come off before he washed him up. Louis couldn’t help but blush at the fact Liam was going to wash him in the bath. Obviously realising there was no hope of Louis being able to do it himself.

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