Chapter Nineteen

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Liam's POV~~

I rolled over to get for the days events rolling. I never bother to wake Jasmine anymore she is has been in deep depression for the pass 6 months. Seeing my mate pale and crying everyday is killing me but she isn't letting me in to help her recover.
Sighing and sliding out of bed and walking to the bathroom. I strip from my boxer and step under the hot water. The water running down my back soothes my tense muscles. I finished washing my body to hop out to be face to face with my mate. I gave her a small smile and kissed her forehead. I heard her sigh with relief. "I have some pack work to do today, so if you need me ill be in my office." She nodded and hoped in the shower.... Wait she is out of bed before 10 o'clock. I stood looking at the bathroom door in shock. Maybe she is starting to come back to reality. "Liam you shouldn't stand there with you month open your going to catch fly's"She giggled and walked out of the bathroom. I smirk and went down stairs.

I saw my beta eating breakfast with his mate. "Guys I think Jasmine is back to normal, she giggled at me"After i had said that I realized that I sounded such a girl. They just chuckled at me. I grabbed a apple and headed to my office. 
After a while of staring at the pile of paper work i gave up. I rested my head in my hands and sighing. "Is everything ok in here babe?"i heard her voice pop in the door. Moving my head to the side to look at her beautiful features. I smiled and patted my lap for her to sit. She smiled and sat on my lap, I rested my head on her shoulder. "Just heaps of paperwork honey" She made an 'O' facial expression. Chuckling, she stared into my eyes and smiled. "I'm sorry that i wasn't much help in the past 6 months I-"i cut her off."Babe don't apologize, it wasn't your fault your were mourning its perfectly normal." She leaned up and kissed me. I deepened the kissed, turning her around on my lap to face me. Placing my hands on her hips. I licked her bottom lip for access, she gladly granted. Pulled away to catch my breathe. Moving my hand up her shirt I looked at her for her approval. She nodded. My fingers graceful running the bottom of her bra. "I've been thinking Liam, a-and i want to try for another baby"She looked up with a smile. What she had just said made me even more happy! "When did you want to start?"i asked huskily. She giggled and leaned up to my ear and whispered "Right now" That's all she had to say. i lift her up and placed her on my desk. Slowly removing her shirt while kissing her mark making her moan. I then worked on her bra... man i hate the man who invented the bra i can never get these things off. After a while i managed to get it off and started my attack on her nipples. 


Sucking and twisting her nipples with flowing moans following with. It was making me hard. She started to play with the hem of my shirt. Moving away she slid my shirt off reveling my 8 pack. She kissed all the down to the top of my pants. She started undoing my belt buckle while I unzipped her shorts. Sliding mine and her pants to the floor leaving me in my boxers and her in her sexy g-string. I smirked and started kissing her again. She played with the elastic of my boxers and sliding them down too letting my stiff shaft to stand tall and proud. She giggled and gently pumping up and down. I groaned with encouragement. I could take it anymore, I ripped her g-string into shreds and thrust fast into her. She screamed name as i took her to new heights. I quicken my passe, getting close to my release. Her moans and screams were telling she was close to hers as well. I chuckled to myself thinking 'thank fuck this room is soundproof'. I grunted with my released and she quivered with hers. 

<[ R Rated Part is over.... ]>

I laid on her body while whispering her beautiful she is and how amazing she is. Our moment was destroyed by my office phone ringing. I stood up and answered. (L=Liam, AT= Alpha Trevor)
L: Alpha Hawker speaking.
AT: Alpha Hawker this is Alpha Trevor speaking.
L: Ahh Trevor nice to speak to you again what can i be of help?
AT: We have caught those rouges that killed your daughter and was wondering if you wanted to killing them yourself?
I stood there in shock."Is everything ok Liam?" Jasmine rubbed my shoulder. i nodded at her.
L: I will be there sometimes tonight Trevor.
AT: Ok ill see you later Hawker, good day to you. 
With that he hung up. "Jasmine i have to go to Alpha Trevor's pack for a couple of days to a week." She nodded and started getting dressed. We walked up to our room, while i was having a shower Jasmine packed my bag. I hopped out and got changed. "Be safe and and call me every night or any spare time you have ok babes" My mate rambled on. I chuckled and kissed her on the lips. I placed my bag in the boot of the car. "I promise honey, i wont be long i hope." I kissed her one last time. "Bye" She said sadly, i didn't want to tell her why or she might go into depression or make me take her with me and i don't think it would have ended well. i waved goodbye as i drove down the driveway. 


Jasmine's POV~~
He has been gone for 2 months and i am very heavily pregnant. i still haven't told him yet i was going to tell him tonight if he calls, I have a feeling that I might go soon. Only 2 months before this baby is here. "Mummy is daddy home yet?"Alec whined at me again. "No baby but he will soon OK, pinkie promise"I held out my pinkie and joined it with his and smiled.


Sorry this chapter is bigger than i thought but oh well. I hope you guys like this and enjoy my book :).





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