For the rest of the week I tried hanging out with Emma and let me tell you, it was not easy at all. Fans were getting suspicious when I left the hotel regularly. They tried following me by thankfully Niall and his fan account on Twitter lead them to other places where I was somewhere else. I was never more thankful of his account than I was in that week.

I told Emma that I would be back in LA as soon as possible since it was one of my favourite places in the world. We exchanged numbers and the boys and I flew off to our next destination. The boys knew that in about a week or two Emma was already in my heart. I missed her laugh, the jokes and her smile the most. They were the things that made her the prettiest out of all the girls I'd met.

She still wore make-up but every minimal but that was fine with me. I mean I also have to wear make-up for photo shoots and stuff like that!

So the boys and I flew to Australia since that was out next destination for the TMH Tour. Australia's a really fun place to be honest but no one actually rides a kangaroo. That disappointed me quite a bit but the weather is amazing! Actually, the word to describe their weather was perfect.

We landed in Adelaide which was cool. I'd never been here before. Anyway we kept touring Australia and we were in Sydney. I kept keeping in touch with Emma and I kept doing my shows. What I didn't expect was seeing her on the streets of Sydney. I was down on the beach playing volleyball without the boys since they thought it was too hot to do anything so I left them to their air-con at the hotel.

Anyway back to Emma in Sydney, I swear I saw her. I was just playing volleyball and I had to grab the ball which was on the other side and she was there with her ice-cream and lying on the sand. To be honest, I didn't know if it was her her or just a girl that looked like Emma so I made a casual "Hello"

She put her sunnies on top of her head "Hey Harry"

"Are you stalking me?" I asked her.

"No are you?"

"I'm touring here! It's all over twitter and stuff like that. Plus this trip was planned like 7 months ago so I'm pretty sure you're the one stalking me"

"You keep thinking that Harry"

"OI HARRY! What's taking you so long?" one of the security guards called Andrew yelled out.

"HOLD ON! I'll just be a sec!" I replied. "Come, play volleyball with us" It sounded more like a request than an invite.

"And why should I?" she asked.

"To pass time faster"

She thought about it and replied "Goooooooooooood idea". She packed her belongings into her bag. I helped her up and we made our way over to the volleyball match.

"Who's this?" Andrew asked.

"I'm Emma Watson" she said before I could introduce her.

"Oh you're the girl Harry keeps on talking about 'Oh Emma! When am I going to get a text back?' "He mimicked me. Man I was so embarrassed.

"Yeah as if he'd do something like that. Anyway are we gonna play volleyball or not?" And we got started with our game. I was paired with Emma and we played against Andrew. I didn't think Emma was going to be a good player to be honest. I thought I'd show off my skills but geez she just ran to the ball and smashed the ball to Andrew half the time.

Half an hour past after she said she had to check the time. It was 2:30pm and she said "Sorry guys. I have to leave to start make-up and things like that" She kissed me and Andrew on the cheek.

"What hotel are you guys staying at?" She asked silently.

"The InterContinental" I replied.

"Alright well I might see you there this afternoon. Bye!" She waved and Andrew and I waved back.

For the rest of the day, I played volleyball with Andrew but since we also needed to get to sound check we had to leave early since the car ride to the arena took a while. I got changed into a t-shirt and shorts. Fans crowded around me before I got into the car so I signed a few of their belongings but Andrew wouldn't allow photos because we were already late. I apologized and we left.

I told the boys that I saw Emma and they were pretty happy for me since they knew I liked her. Well as a friend I mean geez. I've only known her for like 3 weeks.

"Yeah you keep sayin' that" Louis said before we went on stage.

We got back to the hotel to a very nice surprise! Our fans were outside the hotel and it was like 1am! They are truly dedicated. We took pictures with them and signed some of their things. After 10minutes Paul decided to end it so we said our goodbyes and went into the lobby. I was a but upset that Emma didn't come but it's late and she's gotta sleep and I gotta sleep as well.

I checked my phone one last time before I turned it off and there was a text message from Emma about 2 hours ago: Hey Harry I'm not coming to your hotel but to make it up to you, I'll be spending the whole day with you tomorrow. Is that okay?

I replied back: It's fine. What time would you think of coming in cause I'm gonna tell the hotel staff and Andrew probably.

I waited but realised that she was probably asleep.

Eugh HARRYYYYYYYYYY you just woke me up. Should've put it on silent. I'll come around 9am-ish. And good night.

She's funny. And I like that about her. I can't believe that we would both be in Australia at the same time. Coincidence? I think not.


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