Chapter Eleven

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Kellin POV

I was scared, to say the least.

Why the hell did Vic want to see me? I mean, last time we met up, it ended with him yelling at me to get out of his house.

Last time didn't end so well. What the hell made him think that this time would end any better?

I walked into the Starbucks where he wanted to meet and sat down after looking for him. He was late, which was strange. He was never late for anything.

I wondered what he was doing.

What if he was jacking off? And what if he was thinking of me while doing it....

Okay. Stop the perverted thoughts, Kellin.

Instead, I thought about what would happen if he asked me to be his. I daydreamed about how he would ask me, what we would do after...and then I had to steer clear of those thoughts once again.

The door opened once again, reveling curly brown hair in a black beanie.

It was Vic.

He had on tight jeans, leaving nothing to the imagination. He had on some band shirt, although I didn't see who it was from here. When he spotted me, he smiled slightly and began heading over.

Overall, he looked pretty damn fine.

I knew I should hate him because of what he is and what he did, but I couldn't. He was too damn perfect in my eyes, and I couldn't let him go.

He sat down across from me, staring at me cautiously. It was kind of adorable.

"So," he finally said,breaking the silence between us. "We need to talk."

My heart sped up. Could he hear it? "Can you hear my heartbeat?" I blurted out, then blushed. He chuckled.

"I can hear it a little bit. My hearing isn't too good," he admitted. "Definitely not as good as my brothers or my parents."

I nodded. "Anyway, talk?"

He turned nervous, playing with his sleeves. "Yeah. Could we go to my house and talk?"


"Look, I know the last time you were over, it didn't end well. But let's just forget about that and start over, okay?"

I thought about it for awhile, the nodded. "Okay."

He smiled in relief and stood up, waiting for me to follow him. I did and he held the door open for me, which I thought was sweet.

Man, am I hooked.

The walk to his house in silence and I began to worry. What if he was planning to hurt me once we got there? What if he was going to feed from me? and what if it hurt?

"Okay, what are you freaking out about?"

I jumped and turned to look at him to see him studying me intensely. "Nothing," I said nervously.

"Lies. I can hear it in your heart and see it on your face."

I knew I couldn't lie. "Are you planning to hurt me?"

He shook his head, serious. "No. If it makes you feel any better, my brother's home. And he's an Angel. He wouldn't let me do anything even if I wanted to"

That did make me feel better, although that meant nothing could happen between us.

We got there and he held the door open for me again, being the gentleman he is inside. We walked into the kitchen, seeing a taller boy with the same eyes as Vic. I assumed it was his brother, as I had seen them together before.

"Hey vic," he said, turning around. He spotted me and grinned slowly. "Hey Kellin."

"Hey," I said shyly. He left the room after he shared a look with Vic, and then we were alone.

"So," I said, breaking the silence that had settled between us once more. "What do we need to talk about?"

He sighed. "Um, the kiss."

I blanched. "Oh no."

He laughed a genuine laugh. "No, no. Nothing to worry about it. I just wanted to talk about how much I liked it."

I felt butterflies. "You liked it?"

He nodded. "A lot. And I was wondering if we could do it again. And maybe date. It's up to you, though."

Up to me? this is more than I could have asked for!

"Yeah," I said eagerly, blushing. "I mean, sure. If you want to."

"I want to," he said lowly, turning me on. It was silent once more and I had the chance to think.

So, Vic was my boyfriend. That made me so incredibly happy. I mean, he was attractive, and I definitely wanted him.

"Come here."

He spoke the two words softly, and I couldn't help but obey him. I trusted him. I don't know why, because I knew he could tear into my neck at any given moment. But something in his warm brown eyes made me trust him.

I slowly made my way over to him, standing directly in front of him. He was sitting down, so his knees were touching my leg. He reached forward and wrapped his arms around my waist, opening his legs a little bit so I was literally face to face with him. I had no choice but to wrap my arms around his neck.

He started rubbing circles into my hips, which turned me on about him. I loved it when guys played with my hips. I don't know why.

I could feel his warm breath on my face, and was just waiting for him to lean in. "Move," he whispered, tilting his head.

I moved forward and pressed my lips to his, butterflies erupting in my heart as I did. He pulled me closer, sighing into the kiss as he pressed back harder. I opened my mouth and he slipped his tongue in, tangling a hand on my hair.

We finally pulled back and I grinned lazily, resulting in him doing the same.

There was nothing that could ruin this relationship.

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