chapter 4: Florida

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Kennedy's P.O.V.


My eyes shot open and I jumped up out of my seat which made Ashton jump up to.

Everyone started laughing at me.

My face turned red. Apparently Calum got really excited when the plane landed and decided to yell right behind me and Ashton who were sleeping.

I slapped Calums arm.

"Not funny Calum! I'll get you back!"

He just laughed.

Ashton stood up and wrapped me in his arms.

I smiled and hugged him back and he gave me a quick kiss then some guy got on the plane.

"Hey guys!... and girl! Welcome to Florida! Anyways im part of security and management has informed me that two of you are dating which I suppose is the two of you holding hands. Well they don't want your relationship to become public yet. Why? I don't know im just here to protect you. So the girl is gonna come with me and were gonna get you to the car first were gonna avoid all the fans and paps so miss you ready?"

I looked at Ashton he had his hands clenched and he was just staring at the security guard.

"Um yea let me just grab my bag real quick."

The security guard nodded and got off the plane.

I let go of Ashtons hand and grabbed my bag. Ashton looked at me and frowned.

"Are you really gonna go with him?"

"I don't have much of a choice here Ashton."

I walked past him and got off the plane and followed the security guard into the building. Fans were everywhere! There was no way we could get around all these people.

"How are we supposed to get out of here? The fans are everywhere!"

"Well change of plans since there is no way to get you out of here without someone seeing you with the boys your taking your own car to the hotel and the boys will meet you there. Sorry for the inconvenience miss."

I nodded. Then he lead me to a cab and told the driver the address and helped me with my luggage and said goodbye.

I got in the back of the cab and put on my seatbelt and the driver took off.

"So where you from?"

I looked up and the driver glanced at me through the mirror.

"New York."

"Wow that's pretty far from here. Bet the weather is warmer here though huh?"

"Yeah it is."

I didn't want to talk right now and I guess the driver got the hint because he didn't say anything until we got to the hotel.

The place was beautiful! Palm trees were everywhere and it just had that fun summer time look and feeling.

I got out of the cab and a bellhopper came and got my luggage.

I paid the driver for my ride because my ride was last minute and no one paid him.

I walked into the hotel and went to the front desk where a young lady with blonde hair pulled into a ponytail was on the phone.

She smiled at me and put up a finger to tell me to wait a minute.

I smiled and waited for her to get off the phone. When she did she smiled at me and apologized. I gave her my name and she gave me my room number and my card to get in.

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