Chapter 8

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Karly's POV:
As soon as we land Soundwave dumps me onto the ground making me send him a glare, while he has an amused aura about him.

So far I've gotten good at reading him, but that's just sort of a talent for me is reading people. I'm more of an observer than a talker which apparently is a shocker for Soundwave. But hey, when you don't talk much it leaves you with LOTS of different things to talk about. And as I've said Soundwave is the first REAL friend I have ever had.

Looking up at my so called friend I shoot him another glare before dusting myself off and looking around.

"Well this is some surprise, in the middle of a canyon in the HOT weather. Have I ever mentioned me and heat do not like each other?" I say shooting a glance to Soundwave as he walks away.

"HEY!" I shout running to catch up with him.

I follow him as we walk into a cave that is MUCH bigger than his. Once inside my eyes widen in awe, there littered on the walls and ceiling of the cave was several blue crystals making the dark cave glow beautifully.

"What is this stuff?" I question.

"Energ…on." He says not using his real voice.

I tilt my head.

"What's that?" I question.

"Food for all Cyber…tron..ians as well as the life…blood of us." He says.

I nod in understanding.

"So how exactly do you consume it?" I question.

He gestures to his visor be I hear a click and another click.

"So you can remove your visor thingy?" I question.

He nods, I don't question any more, knowing he probably has a reason he wears it to begin with.

"That doesn't really answer my question though. Their crystals, do you just eat them or what?" I question.

"Make into liquid." He says

"Oh, so I guess we're here to gather this energon?" I question.

He nods, before he walks a little ways past a few crystals before I hear screeching of metal then Soundwave walks up pushing a large mine cart.

"Huh, I'm guessing there are other Cybertronians around then?" I say.

He nods. Though curious, I walk away and begin to gather smaller crystals that are easier to get to while Soundwave begins to get the harder ones. After an hour of mining for energon crystals, Soundwave stops deeming the amount we have satisfactory.

With out warning he gathers me up in his hands and holds me close to his chest before he does something with his visor and a portal shows up, Soundwave rolls the energon filled cart through it before it closes before he could walk through.

"I'm guessing the ground bridge is still a work in progress?" I smile.

He rests his claws on his face like he's pinching the bridge of his nose in stress, making me giggle. I pat his armor reassuringly.

"Don't worry I'll be ready to used fully before you know it~" I say cheerfully.

He looks at me a moment, before walking out of the cave. As Soundwave walks on the dirt outside of the cave, we hear a whirring sound before a whoosh is heard along with loud steps.

"Soundwave!" I hear a feminine voice exclaim.

Soundwave turns calmly and my eyes land on a blue female looking Cybertronian. Her eyes were bright blue and they were narrowed, she aims her hands at him and they shift into blasters.

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