From Jai at 12:46am                                                                                                                                            Hey, I know ive been a bit of a prick but I really need your help. Jai xx 

From Cherry at 12:48am                                                                                                                                   What? Where are you? 

From Jai at 12:50am                                                                                                                                         Just drive to Penola and I will explain there xx

What the hell was going off?

I really wanted to go and help but a part of me was uninterested. I mean why should I help a boy who has tormented me for most of my teenage years. Another part of me wanted to go because I like Jai and I would love to get to know him more and maybe even start something special.


I stood up off the sofa and walked out of the lounge walking towards the front door and shutting it as quietly and as slowly as I could.

I walked over to my mum's Range Rover and fired up the engine.

I pulled out of the drive way and started to take the short drive to my school which I never thought I would do in a million years.   

The drive was short and quiet but my heart was beating very fast which made me have a sick feeling in my throat.

I took the last corner which lead on to the road in which my old school was on. My palms and feet where sweaty but I was shivering cold. 

I pulled up and stop the car 10 steps from the front gates of the school.

I could not see a thing because it was pitch black out side which made my nerves get the best of me.

I was stood out side my old school with tears in my eyes.

I took my phone out of my pocket and started to dial Jai’s number.

It started to ring and I could hear his phone.

I started to walk across the road to a park that the school’s sports teams used to play on.

I got to the edge of the park and it was so dark that I could not see a thing.

“JAI” I shouted out trying to see if he was her.

“Cherry” said a small croaky voice from the left of me.

I looked round to see Jai lying on the floor with ripped clothes and covered in his own blood.

“Oh my god Jai what happened” I asked running over to him as fast as my legs could carry me.

I knelt down next to him and gently put both of my hands on the side of his face. He hissed in pain but I did not take my hands away because I wanted him to know that I was there for him.  

“Jai can you hear me” I asked looking into his deep brown eyes.

He was looking at me, but he was not looking at me. His mind and eyes where somewhere else.
“Jai” I repeated more loudly this time and slightly shaking his shoulders.

His lips and jaw started to tremble a little and he was trying to say something but I could not make it out.

“Jai can you get up” I said slowly and making sure my full attention was on him.

He slowly started to nod closing his eyes because of the pain which I can’t even begin to imagine.

I slowly stood up taking both of Jai’s hands into my own and pulling him up very slowly.

Jai was only an inch taller then me but he was also very heavy because of his muscles.

He hissed and a small noise came from the back of his mouth as I pulled him up so he was standing up stright.

By now we was both standing on our feet and I put one of his arms over my shoulder.

He was leaning on me but I knew he was not putting his full weight on me.

I slowly made my way back to my car, pulled a weak Jai along and took him to the passenger side of the car.

I opened the door and helped Jai to lift himself into the car.

I put the seat belt on him and slowly closed the door trying not to make a loud noise.

I ran round to the drives side and fired up the engine again trying to drive to Jai’s apartment as fast as I could.

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