The Unexpected Romance

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Chapter 1

It was one of your typical days in October with the light breeze blowing and the fall leaves falling. Lily a 17 year old girl with brown hair that was naturally straight and brown eyes that she thought were always too big.  She was about 5'4" and was just like ever other normal teenage girl going through he'll a.k.a high school, life and too much drama.

It all started when Lily's friends pressured her into getting BBM (blackberry messenger). Lily being the fun and out going girl she was posted her BBM pin on facebook hoping that she would get some new contacts. Out of all the people who added her there was one boy who she couldn't quite remember where she knew him from.  Lily was very curious and decided to just ask Ben how he knew her.

Lily: hey this is random but how do I know you?

Ben: I believe your Julia's friend right?

After Lily discovered that her and Ben went to the local fair a few years back with friends they continued to talk to each other.  Lily found out that Ben went to the public high school in their small town of Parry Sound and that he was the same age as her.

Lily continued to talk to Ben and in between replying to Ben she did a little creeping on Ben's instagram. After she looked through his photos she found out that Ben was about 6'2", with short spiked up dirty blond hair and the most electrical blue eyes Lily has ever seen.  Ben also had an impressive six pack and chiseled arms. 


so this is only part of the first chapter but idk if it even sounds good. so let me know your feed back. Please and thank you


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