Joining Streams

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The automatic door slid aside, letting Jack into a pristine white lab.  There were about ten desks along opposite walls, each with a sink and several drawers in them.  He pulled the white hoodie off and glanced at the spots of blood from when he had shot the MPF soldiers.  He pulled open what seemed to be a mail slot labeled "Overworld Outfits" and tossed the hoodie in.  A hiss and flash of red light rose from the slot as the jacket was incinerated.

"Unique indeed," Jack chuckled to himself.  "Computer, open project J-02."

A hologram appeared in the center of the room of a blueprint for skeletal augmentations in the legs to allow for higher jumping.  Jack pulled out a chair from one of the desks and sat down.  He waved his hand a few times, rotating the image from a distance.

Jack had wavy black hair combed almost straight up.  His eyes always had a certain cockiness about them- at least, when he wasn't pretending to be someone else, like at the bar.  It was as if he always knew something no one else in the room knew.  He wore black jeans and a white cotton shirt with long sleeves.

The door opened and let Katherine into the room, holding a mug of coffee.  She had long brown hair falling over her shoulders.  Her eyes were always more distant, as if while Jack knew something about everyone in the room, Katherine was thinking about something far away.  Even when she played her violin, she never focused on the music.  She wore a white cotton, low-cut t-shirt and a black skirt.

"Jack, I brought you some coffee," she said, glancing up at the augment blueprints.

"Ah, coffee!" Jack grinned.  He wagged his fingers at the hologram and it shut down.  "The most important thing in my life!"

Katherine laughed and walked over, sitting down across from Jack as she handed him the coffee.  She had never liked coffee, and she couldn't understand how anyone could.  She much preferred tea.  Still, she wasn't about to question other people's preferences... especially Jack's, considering who he was...  "So, what were those augments?"

Jack took a sip from the coffee and set the mug down before saying, "All augmentations in the world up until this point have been essentially external.  I've been looking into making some internal augments.  Who knows?  Maybe even be the first to create a biological augment.  Anything to give us the upper hand against America."

"You've been working too hard," she sighed with a smile.  "You should come listen to me play and relax."

"I should," Jack grinned.  "I have been working for about twenty-seven straight hours.  Plus, I just got back from a run-in with James Carter himself."

Katherine's smile vanished, and was replaced by worry lines, grooves that anyone could tell had been forged for many years, probably all of them by Jack.  "Carter?"

Jack shrugged and spun his chair to face her.  "Nothing I couldn't handle.  Didn't even leave a scratch.  Mar's will be closing down, though... He'll probably be executed."

For some strange reason, none of that made Katherine feel better.  "Should we try and save him?"

"He's not one of ours, he's non-essential, and staging a rescue will only put the Razors at risk."

Katherine sighed and opened the door.  "Fine.  Come on, you need to sleep.  I'll play my violin."

Jack one-upped her sigh and stood with his cup.  "Fine.  Ruin the lovely night I was going to have with coffee.  I was going to read it some romantic poetry, maybe dance to some old Maroon 5 music, but I guess coffee and I just weren't meant to be... Oh, God, yeah, I need to sleep."

Jack walked past Katherine as she smiled and walked beside him, taking his hand in hers.  "Yes, you do.  You're wanting to read poetry to coffee.  I thought I got the romantic poetry?"

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