chapter 3

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         I take out my left hand pistol and open the door with my right. Jonathan goes into the hallway he clears right with his shotgun as I clear left with my pistol. I take out my second pistol and get behind a wall. I face one way Jonathan faces the other way. I wait for a minute and only Abee comes out. Abee is a tall brunette with leather pants, a black tank top, a sleeveless leather jacket, combat boots, motorcycle gloves, and aviators on her head. She has a .22 revolver, throwing knives in her jacket, and a sledge hammer on her back. We meet in a hallway that is in the middle of where we both were standing. “So just the three of us then,” I ask. The rest nod and we start to head to the main office. Jonathan takes point as Abee flanks him and I take the rear. They sweep the front and the sides while I cover behind us. We don’t even clear the hallway when we hear voices and see beams of light. We each duck behind a different wall or support beams. I find myself the closest one to the voices. So I prepare to confront them. I only hear two voices so once they passed me I put my pistols to their heads.

 “Drop your weapons,” I say to them.

“Who’s going to make me,” the redhead said.

“I will,” I said as I pull the hammers back on the guns.

“Whatever,” she said as she and her friend drop their weapons.

I see there is a cross bow and a metal staff on the floor. I realize who it is and step back “sorry you two didn’t know it was you,” I said with a sheepish look on my face. “It took you forever to figure that one out,” says a shadow as it falls from the ceiling. Bradley, Ceili, and Bailey. Ceili is a redhead with hair tied into a ponytail. She is in digital camouflage clothing with a quiver of bolts attached to her hip. Bailey is a blonde, with an all-black outfit, and a collapsible staff that can hide in her jacket. We quickly come together as a team.

“Why were you heading to the back of the school,” I ask them.   

“We checked the front no one there…….except the bodies,” Bradley says.

“What do you mean? Whose bodies,” I hiss at him as I grab him.

“Our own people the security guards, some staff, and students,” Bradley tells me.

“Okay then how about the main office,” I ask them.

“Nope all dead there as well, must have been really quick,” Ceili tells me.

“Okay lets,” I start to say when we hear gun fire echo through the halls. We only give each other glance when we grab our weapons and head off. We reach the other end of the school in the math hallway. Jonathan and I clear both ways, I get grazed in the side by a bullet. I get behind a brick wall and check behind me. Jonathan must have been under fire first they are concentrating fire on his side. Okay you can do this I think to myself. I dart forward and fire I identify three enemies before they duck for cover. I unload my clip as that gets me within fighting range. I’m out of bullets and they know that so they start coming out to face me. I throw my guns at the two farthest from me. I kick the gun out of the third guy’s hand. I thrust my arm out and my bow forms into my left hand. I swing my bow and crack the guy’s head. I duck under the swing of the second man and sweep the first man’s legs out from under him. I hit the second man’s back with my bow and kick the back of his knee. He is forced to kneel as the first guy fires his weapon. It hits his friend as I jump over my human shield and fire an arrow. It thuds into the first guy. All three are incapacitated, I look to the other side of the hall. They are still exchanging fire with the enemies. I sheathe my bow and get my pistols. I run through the halls while reloading my guns. I finally reach the right hallway and I cut off the enemy. Now they have to cover two fronts, they are cornered. I catch them off guard and I am able to hit three of them. The rest find cover, as do I. Bullets hit off the brick wall as I return fire. I hear other gun fire on the other side. I keep getting closer and closer to them. Right before I get to them the gun fire stops. I peek over my cover and a bullet almost takes my head off.

 “No need for that we are all friends’ right,” I call out.

 “Oh, good it’s just you,” I hear one of them say.

“Yeah, any injuries,” I ask the group as I walk over to them.

“Nah, saw them before they saw us,” Bradley says.

“Okay then, let’s see if we can’t get one of these guys to talk,” I saw as I search for a live one.

“Found a live one over here,” Bailey says pointing with her staff.

“Who sent you? Who do you work for,” Jonathan asks him while pointing his shotgun at him.

“I’m not talking you think a bunch of kids scare me,” he says in a gruff voice.

“Have it your way then,” I say as I take a knife from Bradley and plunge it into the guy’s leg.

“F#*#! Geez kid, you’re crazy,” he says as he tries to scramble away but hits a wall.

“They didn’t call me hell spawn for nothing,” I say to him.

“Hell spawn,” he asks me as he goes a little pale.

“In the flesh now talk before I get real nasty,” I say with a grin.

“Okay! Okay! We are part of a faction that is located near Chicago, we see that you are the only people around that will give us trouble so we decided to send a message by killing you kids,” He says quickly.

“Thanks for the info,” I say as I shoot him in the head with one of my pistols.

“Geez, you didn’t have to kill him Brandon,” Ceili says.

“Either him or us he did the right thing,” Jonathan says coming to my defense.

“Let’s keep moving sweep the school and then formulate a plan,” I say holstering my pistols and bringing out my bow. 

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