Chapter 15 End

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5 years later

"Niall put me down!" Yelled Arabella.

"Not until you give me a kiss!" He yells.


"What about me?" Said Kevin.

"Alright come here little squirt." Liam says while grabbing him and tickling him.

The whole family has come over for Kevin and Arabella's 5th birthday party. They both have in interest in zoo animals so that's what the theme is for there party.

Harry just left to get there present. He said it's something they have always wanted. That frightens me.

"Okay everybody! Time to open gifts!" Anne says.

The first gifts were something small. Clothes and little toys. Nothing that seems to catch their eye.

I hear the door open and it's Harry. With a large box in his arms.

"Hi daddy!" Arabella says.

"What's in the box?" Kevin asks.

"Your birthday present." He says while lowering the box. I couldn't really seem to get a glimpse on what was inside the box, until Arabella yelled.

"A puppy!" She squealed.

Harry pulled out the cutest puppy in the world. With brown curls and big dark noes and eyes. He's the cutest.

"You gotta take real care of this little guy. You here me?" Harry says to both Kevin and Arabella.

"Okay!" They both shouted.

"Here you go." He says while handing the cute puppy to Kevin.

Harry walks up to me and puts his arm around me.

"Best dad of the year award goes to harry styles." I say.

"I know. I'm the best." He says with a cheesy smile.

"Don't rub it in! But I love it. And you." I say.

"And I love you too." He says.

"Promise me you'll never leave?" I whisper.

He looks at me confused then he finally answered.



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