Chapter 10

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I hear him faintly so I'm praying he's in the bedroom or far away from me. I turn the water on so it seems like I'm showering and slowly open the door. My heart is pounding, but I don't see him. I close the door behind me and quickly go towards the stairs, this time I make it to the top before he sees me. "Fucking bitch your dead!!" he screams. I run through the living room it's very spacious, I notice there's not much in it besides a couch, a chair and a decent sized flat screen hanging. I see the door I reach it when I feel something hit my back and I fall. Trevor is on top of me as soon as I land rolling me over and choking me. "Thought you could get away from me your my property slut! I own you" I try and break free. He leans down closer his mistake cause my hands are free. I scratch his face he let's go of my throat and I thrust my palm into his nose hard enough to bleed a little. I don't know how but he got off me, I go for the door but he slams himself into me knocking the breath out of me. He takes my head and slams it into the door I stagger back tripping and falling. He grabs my foot and all I feel is pain I scream and cry "Please someone help, help me please" the pain is so excruciating. I know that he broke it. He stands over me laughing. " Told you, you will never get out." He says with a smile. " fuck you I'd rather die!" I kick him with my good foot which does little, but enough to grab the small statue that he threw at me I hit him in the head when he got closer knocking him down. I crawled over to him "fuck you, you piece of shit!" I hit him in the head a few times I don't know if I killed him, but at that point I didn't care he wasn't moving and thats all I cared about. I crawled outside to the neighbors, they couldn't believe I survived with what I've been through and what my face looks like neither could the cops.

I guess I wasn't Trevor's only victim, but sadly the others didn't make it after he got bored with them he would brutally murder them where it was nearly impossible to identify me. What surprised me and everyone else was why he kept me alive for so long. Trevor admitted raping, torturing and killing those girls, but never answered why he kept me. I guess we'll never know. I will live the rest of my life follow my goal and dreams not just for me, but for the women who can't.

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