Chapter 6 (Harrys POV)

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Harry fell heavily onto the floor, groaning as he scrabbled up and ran across the room; slamming the door behind him and locking it. Standing against the door he panted, closed his eyes and screamed. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. He would never live this down. Stumbling towards the mirror he groaned at his own reflection, he had love bites covering his neck. Dark, painful and nothing like the ones he used to get from Louis. Ones he would never regret. Frowning deeply he scrubbed a hand down his face and round the back of his neck. Huffing a breath of air out his nose, gripping tightly to the cool marble, he raised his head slowly and glared. He hadn’t been able to get hard.

He hadn’t been able to get it up for one of the worlds most beautiful woman. He really had no reason that he couldn’t. Looking down again at his flaccid cock, he growled and turned to the door as he heard the soft knocking of Taylor. That’s when the feeling came back that he had felt in the bed, when she had been naked and moaning up at him. Her voice breathy and whining, just wanting him and all he could feel was disgust.

Closing his eyes he tried to think of anything that could possibly get him hard. He went through all the porn he had ever watched, thinking of blondes and brunettes. The screams that came from their mouths, the way they breasts bounced and jiggled as a guy pounded roughly into them. Even thinking of the noises that came from them when a cock was roughly shoved in their mouth, but nothing seemed to be getting him hard. Because he could not pay attention to the twitch in his dick, when he thought of a guy getting his cock sucked.

He opened them and stared at himself, “Come on Harry. All you have to do is get hard and fuck her. It is not that hard.” He said, laughing slightly at what he had said.

Licking his lips he brought his hand down, stroking softly over his cock just trying to get himself hard and it started to work slowly. Sighing he knew that he should just let his mind wonder and wonder it did.

Feeling the soft strokes of his own fingers, he could imagine them smaller and softer. Hearing soft breathy gasps in his ears, while a hand traced the tattoos that littered his body. Thin hot lips sliding over his neck, biting and nipping as it went; leaving bruises. Ones that just made his body shudder and his cock just grow harder, jerking and weeping out the first drop of clear precome. Swallowing down the dry feeling in his throat as the lips slide over his left nipple, pulling it lightly into a hot wet mouth and a silky tongue working its way over and around it. The subtle bite of teeth on his skin, a brush of soft hair under his chin as the mouth made its way across his chest. Just the warm breath caressing his nipple and a groan being ripped from his lips as nails are slowly dragged down his ribs, leaving bright red lines in their wake. The velvety lips are moving again this time kissing across the tattoos Harry has on his ribs, nipping them and smiling against the skin. Tipping his head back, he feels the soft touch of lips on his hip and the suction that follows. Causing a dark bruise to form and moans to fall loudly from his mouth. Biting down on his lip, he finally can feel the hot brush of air on his extremely hard cock and it only gets worse as it jerks and weeps in the small hand clasping him.

Finally a soft lick runs over the head, pulling back and a deep moan being let out. Harry even though his eyes are closed can imagine the caramel colour of the hair his hand would be fisted in and the dark blue eyes that would be focused on his face watching him. Groaning he knows he should stop and go back out. Go out to Taylor and fuck her. He really should but he can’t not when he is lost in the fantasy of Louis on his knees, sucking him off slowly and teasing him like no tomorrow. He can feel himself falling deeper into the fantasy, he can imagine the feel of the lips running slowly just over the head of his cock and the wicked tongue that hid behind them. The smooth flicks and the gentle sucking that it starts off with. How Louis hand is completely still at the bottom of his cock simply holding him in place. He can see the way that Louis head slowly moved forward, his cock disappearing between his lips, stretching them wide and causing them to swell. Breathing short and fast, he can feel his hips jerking up slightly grazing Louis cheek and being able to see it happening from above.

Sighing Harry drops his hand from his cock, feeling like he could just burst. Moving slowly towards the door, he opened it and walked out. His cock bobbing between his legs and leaving sticky patches of precome on his belly. Four long strides and he is by the bed where Taylor his staring at him wide eyed and mouth loose. The disgust is building in his tummy again and he has to force himself to keep his face in the same sexy smirk he does.

He watches her as she reaches out, a small and soft hand touching him. Sure it feels good but it just doesn’t feel right. Not when he had just got himself hard by thinking about his ex boyfriend.

Licking his lips he leaned down and sealed their lips together. Gritting his teeth together all could think was about how this was so much better with Louis. Pulling back he moved so he was on the bed, leaning over Taylor but not really touching her. Looking down at her he smiled and reached over to grab the condom he had placed on the bedside table, but was stopped by her hand. Frowning down at her he tipped his head to the side in question.

Smiling in a way he assumed she thought was attractive she whispered, “We don’t need one. We are in this for the long haul.”

Harry sat back on his knees, looking down at her body and shook his head. “I am not risking getting you pregnant. We have barely been dating for two weeks.” He watched her face contort into a awful attempt at making him feel bad for saying that.

Sighing and shaking his head, he ripped the condom open and slipped it over his now waning erection. Harry slowly moved forward, his body covering hers and his lips catching hers in a kiss. He kept his lips moving as his hand moved down her body, feeling soft curves and hairless skin. Things he used to love but now just made him sick, he missed hard planes of skin and the slight fuzz of hair that covered it.

His fingers dipped into soft, wet flesh and he had to swallow down the bile in his throat. He twisted his fingers feeling the flesh loosen around his fingers and only getting wetter.

He slowly pulled his hand back planting it on the bed and listening to her keen and moan at him. Begging for him and drag too sharp nails down his back. The pain was overriding any pleasure he could have possibly got from the experience, not that he thought he would get any but still.

Harry moved grabbing his cock and stroking it slightly, trying to make himself hard enough so he could enter her. Digging his hand into the sheet he pushed forward, slipping far too easily into the heat of her. He could feel how wet she was; now it was soaking into the sheets and spreading across some of his skin. Her smooth legs shifted round his hips and pulled him tightly against her. Chest to chest. Closing his eyes he slowly started thrusting, his hips moving slowly and her body trying to move with his. She was trying to pull him closer. To seal their lips in a kiss, but he couldn’t.

Listening he heard her beg, “Faster!”, “Harder!” and “More!” Words he couldn’t stand, but he never the less listened to. Knowing that if he did it would be over sooner. That he wouldn’t have to stay inside her for much longer.

Harry pulled back and watched as she came; thinking quickly on his feet he moaned as well. Faking the fact he had come.

He quickly pulled out of her, ripped off the condom and walked to the bathroom to get rid of it. Sighing he looked at himself and felt completely disgusted with himself. He would never forgive himself for doing this. Not for sleeping with Taylor but for cheating on Louis. Even though he had broken up with him he still felt like he was cheating on him.

A cool hand rested on his shoulder and a soft body pressed into his back. Still slick and ready from before. Curling his bottom lip he pulled himself away from her and clambered into the shower. Making it obvious he wanted nothing to do with her, even if she was his ‘girlfriend’ he could not feel anything but disgust when he looked at her.

The hot spray poured down his back, cleaning the sin he felt was covering his skin away and replacing it completely with regret. Leaning forward he pressed his forearms against the cool tile and his head on them. His breaths were short and shuddery. Showing the fact that fat tears were rolling down his cheeks.

He finally knew how wrong he had been.

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