Just Want You To Know :)

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A friend that's lovely

Caring but yet soo sensitive

You know who you are

You have the most amazing spirit 

A striking heart seen through your tears by many

A perfect friend can be seen in you

Alleviating my fears

Allowing me to share my thoughts

An amazing person reading my mind 

A friend that i know will be there for me 

A hard found friend an unbelievable person

Soo unique and sincerely one of a kind

Many friends can be cruel 

But you are just very realistic and trustworthy

Many friends give us pain 

You will be the one to give us peace, relief and comfort

And give us guidance beyond our grief

May you always be happy 

and rejuvinate yourself and others

You are my beautiful friend a dutiful one at that 

With a friend like you I can exhale all the bad and inhale the good 

You remind me what my purpose in life really is 

I just want to thank you Budday :O

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