the abnormal girl prologue

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Alex's POV year 7988

I walked into my abandoned house and went into the living room I turned on the news "In Iran the robots are killing everyone-" I change the channel "Even of you lock the doors the vampires will get you say good bye to your loved ones back to you Vez." a reporter says crying "there has been a report that the sun will die in a couple of months so if you don't get kilt by all the crazy shit that's going on that will kill you." this was one of my worst fears dying I mean I don't believe in after life crap I just thought there was blackness so even the vampires would die well there goes my last hope you see back in 7000 a scientist made some war robots the robots ended up turning and rebelling on the humans then the wolves and vampires and  supernatural shit saw this as there chance to rule the thing is they turned on each other and now they are fighting you know how you thought mermaids were these  beautiful creatures there not they are hideous flesh eating monsters so if anybody tried to escape by water good luck every possible escape wasn't possible traveling by air... to horrid to talk about driving don't even think about it suicide is possible unless your the mate of a vampire which means you can't die unless he dies (but if your a vampire to he would only site not you) your probably wondering where my family was well they tried to escape by boat they didn't listen to me they didn't get very far (I could still see them) before the boat started to sink the mermaids surrounded them and kilt them they saw me on shore and swam closer (they could only stay on land for about five minutes before dying) they started singing even though anybody else would here a beautiful Greek song that made them jump on the water to their deaths I heard and understood what they were singing "Come come to the water where your watery have awaits the sea monsters will have your bones for treats don't make me come out th-" they stopped I felt myself growing mad the next thing I knew all seventeen mermaids were dead. it started to become night time so I rushed home. I then knew something about me was off different my eyes had always been the colour of well a rainbow so at first  dad thought my mum had cheated on him with a vampire but they took a (very painful) test and I was his a loud boom interrupted my thoughts I knew it came from upstairs so I went under the stairs to the little closet I went all the way to back and curled up into a ball I heard voices "She's for to be here somewhere" a raspy British accent said "I can smell her she smells like heaven" another said "How would you know what heaven smells like?" another says they all sound familiar  then I hear five pair of feet creak down the stairs (I know this because there were two to many for just three people so i did the math...) then they start talking "Do you think she'll remember us?" a Higher pitched voice says "Well she didn't after she evolved" are they taking about me? "guys I just heard her think she's close" "how come we can't smell her then?" "I dunno?" then I feel something brush over my hand i Look down and see a Jipa oh lord that lay eggs in humans by pretty much having sex with them they have these tail like things they put in the holes of humans  and yea it's a horrible process so I have two choices either pretty much get rapped or deal with whatever's out there the thing goes to my pants I start squirming and accidentally kick a box full of junk "Heard that it came from the closet" I don't hear anything else but footsteps I grab the thing the door opens I see five pairs of eyes red, dark blue, gold, silver, and green I scream and throw the Jipa  at one of them it climbs into a boy with a  black quiffs pants and he starts to squirm they all start freaking out this is my chance I run out the house and go into the woods running at a abnormal speed which is odd then I'm tackled to there ground I groin my arms are pinned above my head "Gotcha now" a boy with brown curly hair and green eyes says I growl sounding like a animal then I hear another growl. wolf. the boy is tackled off of me by a wolf I look at them I look up to are quiff boy floating at me but the other boys staring past me I look and see for wolves I can tell one is a girl because she had bangs she blows out her face I crawl backwards hitting a tree then I hear battle cries and whimpering I start getting scared I look at my hands I feel... powerful I get up shaking then I throw my hands up and tree branches grab everything's ankles holding  it high in the air "please don't fight will you tell me what's going on?" I ask my voice louder asks more powerful then usual the wolves transform into humans "we'll explain if you let us  down." they state "sorry I don't know how I did that." i  blush i put my arms down and they fall "Okay i am Harry not sure of you remember me but we used to be friend's and then a whole bunch of crazy shit happened and you didn't remember us and you got your powers I became a vampire and tried to keep you as mine but he ruined everything." "I'm Zach and I am also your mate we were friends to I was a born wolf." and I don't know what happened but I blacked out

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