Lost In This Daydream... (Alice In The Wonderland)

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"why hello Alice....." Said a strange man laying on a tree branch and smiling intensely at the little girl in a light blue dress with a white apron. Her light blond bangs covering her big blue eyes. She tighted her vivid blue ribbon in her hair and looked at the peculiar young man with purple spiky hair and purple and pink striped cat ears looking at her happily. "How do you know my- wait Mr. cat have you seen a young woman walk around here!? She's around your age and has dark black hair with big ocean blue eyes. She's very pretty." "Oh a lost rabbit I see hm I may have seen her I think she went this way.." He said as he smerked pointing up,down,left,and right. The little girl named Alice glared at him and said "Listen cat I'm serious she is very important to me maybe this would jog your memory..." Little Alice started to pull out a picture of the girl she described earlier. As she said she was very pretty and was kneeling next to Alice in this picture. She was wearing a sweet lovely smile next to Alice by a huge blossom tree. The boy snatched the picture from Alice's hand and stared at the girl she described. He smerked and spoke once again in his calm smooth voice. "I'll take you to the hatter and the march hair then Alice so we can find your missing rabbit." The boy jumped down from the tree which made a perfect time for Alice to examine him more intensely. He was wearing light purple shorts with random patches on it. He stuck his hands in his jacket pockets that was purple and a black T-shirt. He had a necklace that had arrows pointing left and right. His shorts were held up by a belt with a belt buckle that said way. He also had purple high tops with random socks speaking of random he was wearing yellow and black suspenders. "Well come on Alice~" said the boy as he vanished in thin air. Alice's eyes widened as she depretly searched for the cat boy. He then suddenly popped up in front of her throwing her of guard making her land on the hard grassy floor. He smiled happily and started walking away. Alice quickly got up and ran towards him. "H-hey what your name anyway?" "Hehe I was wondering when you'd ask. My name is Cheshire." Alice stopped in her tracks by his comment and stared at him as she slowly spoke. "Cheshire...? L-like the one from the story? But your only a-" Fear and confusion filled her soft voice as Cheshire cut her off. "Books are made for a reason my dear..." He said as he once again vanished in to thin air revealing the tea table of the mad hatter and the march hair. Alice's eyes widened as she realized everything looked just like the book described. The book that was read to her by the girl she described before. She looked down in sadness as years were beginning to appear in her eyes and her vision becoming blurry. Then a man with red spiky medium sized hair with a old cool looking hat walked up to her. Next to him was a little boy around her age that wore a long warn out blue beani with long slots on the sides that held his long rabbit ears. He held a handful of the hatter's jacket as he smiled Alice and he said. "Why hello Alice how nice of you to visit. I'm hatter and this is the march hair.." As the hatter introduced the match hair he tighted his grip on his coat. Alice looked at him sweetly and smiled at him as she held out her hand and said "hello hatter, march hair its a pleasure to meet you..." The march hair flinched at first then slowly shakes her hand in fear but realised how nice she was and suddenly jumped right next to her and clinged to her small arm. Alice smiled then remembered what she came here for. She was about to speak when the hatter beat her to it. " Alice would you care for some tea and I'm deeply sorry for march hairs behavior he normanly is very shy and only like a few people but he seems to really like you my dear." Said the hatter as he bent down and looked at march hair who tightened his grip on Alice. Alice smiled and snakes her head as the hatter's hat had begun to float up in the air. "Wha- Cheshire please give me back my hat you know that's my pride and joy." Said the hatter as he stared at the appearing Cheshire wearing his hat happily. "But you know I love this hat hatter! You never made me one in the past so I steal yours." Cheshire said clinging to the hat as march hair let go of Alice's arm and jumped on Cheshire happily hugging him. "Hey little dude you miss me much haha it also seems you've taken a liken to Alice here am I right?" Said Cheshire as he nuggied march hair happily in the air. March hair's face became red instantly and he pouted at Cheshire by punching him in the face sending him flying into a tree behind him. March hair landed swiftly and calmly by Alice who looked at him shocked with her big blue eyes. His ears finally resting at his side and he stold up straight next to Alice calmly. Alice shakes it off and sighed and pulled out the picture from her apron pocket and held it out. "Have you see this girl?" "Hm oh yes that's-" *howl* "Its the red queen's men! She must know you two are here..." The hatter said staring at the distance where the howl came from. "March hair,Cheshire take Alice to the girl and go now!! I'll take care of these men..." Hatter said again and pulled out a forty four revolver. "Wait what!? Hatter!!!" Alice yelled as march hair grabbed her hand and ran off into the forest. Cheshire suddenly right next to them. "Hatter where is Alice!!??" A man with dark black hair and black and red armor yelled as he ran with wolves and men at his side. "Hehe wouldn't you like to know ace..." Hatter said in a dark voice pointing the gun to his head making ace stop in his tracks and growl. "Hehe....good bye ace..." Said hatter as he pulled the trigger and ace didn't flinch at all as a flag came out that said Bang. "Hahahaha oops hahaha!!!" Hatter laughed madly and dropped the gun as he quickly ducked from ace's sword that he had swung. Then hatter pulled out two hand guns and quickly shot all of his men around him and pulled up the gun to his mouth and blew it as he said "Bang...." Right in ace's face making him growl once again then smerk. "Hehe you think I need them? Hell no..I only need my sword.." Ace said getting into a fighting position. After miles of running Alice,march hair and Cheshire stopped and rested. "IS HATTER INSANE!!!??? HE'S GOING TO GET KILLED!!!" Cheshire and march hair looked at each other by Alice's comment and burst out laughing even if march hair's laugh is silent. Cheshire smerks and looks at her funny. "Well he is mad Alice..." Alice eyes widen for a bit then she punches Cheshire in the face madly. Cheshire's and march hair's eyes widen by her action but soon enough they burst out laughing again. "Hahaha alright it seems I made you mad I'll go cheek ahead maybe then you can calm down." Cheshire laughs and smerks as her disappeared as always. Alice sighed loudly and sat on a rock as she held her head in thought. Her blond hair covering her blue eyes from march hair's sight. He looks at her and smiles softly as he rubs her back calmly. Alice quickly looks up to march hair with tear filled blue eyes and hugs him. March hair was shocked at first but only hugged Back tightly in the end. As Cheshire was walking he walks up upon a place he has not seen or bin to in a very long time. It was a abandoned garden of the red queen it was abandoned because it wasn't big enough and this was the original place where the kinghts had planted more white roses but they told the queen it was ruined to save their selves. Cheshire smiles and walks in as he dose he sees a girl with black hair in there as well looking at the white roses happily. Cheshire smirks and floats up into the high bush wall as he watches the girl. She smiles her eyes where closed as she did so but they soon fluttered open reviling her big ocean blue eyes. Cheshire's eyes widen as he purrs watching the girl in the picture the one he calls rabbit. She touches the roses slowly and smiles happily as they turn a midnight blue. "Hey cat did you know if you receive a blue rose it means external love...a love that never ends..." She says to Cheshire who nearly falls off the bush because he was surprised she noticed him. "Hello rabbit Alice has bin looking for you.." Cheshire says as he disappears  then reappears behind her and smells her hair. She quickly turned and toppled him to the ground and looks at him concerned. "Alice is here...." Cheshire nods and looks into her concerned eyes and licks her cheek."I don't know why you seem so familiar rabbit but why are you sad?" he says as he continues to lick her cheek like a caring pet. She doesn't respond to the licks on her cheek as she looks into his bight yellow eyes."Cat you can't let Alice find me yet. If she dose I will not be able to fix this world and we will go back to our world will you please help me cat?"  Cheshire smirked at her and purred happily. "Of course rabbit...I'll do what ever you say.." He continues to purr in her ear happily. The girl pets his hair as if he was a real cat she owned and scratches him behind his ears making him purr more."Good cat." She smiles happily and helps him up from the floor. "You know you seem familiar to me as well cat...? I wonder why..?" She looks into his bright yellow eyes trying to figure out what this meant. He smirks again and chuckles staring at her happily. "Why haven't you asked for my name rabbit?" He purrs happily and looking into her eyes. She continues to look into his eyes and smiled. "I can ask you the same thing cat?" She laughs lightly looking at him. He purrs again and continues to smirk. "I'm Cheshire your turn rabbit." She smirked as well and whispered her name in his ear. Cheshire's eyes widened and he looks back at her. "Do not say my name out loud Cheshire, it will ruin everything...understand?"

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