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I JUST HIT 1K READS!!!!!!!!!!!

omg idk what i would do with out all of you guys thank you so much for reading my poems

And on another hand i had this really random convo with my friend and i just have to put it on here lol enjoy my friends stupidness!!!!


No I love you I'm sorry I yelled. Btw have you seen the dog? WHAT DO YOU MEAN we don't have a dog!? I'm sure we had a dog!! Nevermind. I'm painting the roof neon and there's nothing the government can do about it. Beds are too mainstream I'm sleeping in a raft. Like the bright orange thing that gives you skin cancer. Let's go to California!!

This is me right now 😋

Me: Wtf? Lol ur so weird

Why are the faces yellow? And what's with the letter A? It's like somebody kicked a triangle so... OMG I remember I had this old game boy Nevermind I'm like so rhinoceros right now. They're just fat unicorns don't be mean.

I really don't like chihuahuas. They think they're super scary. There not!! There little tiny dogs. And they're like so aggressive. I think they're trying to prove something. They bark at everything. If I were that small, I wouldn't be trying to attract attention. They're small enough that a bird could swoop down and carry it away. And what's with the shaking? It's like they're cold. That's weird because people always put little doggy sweaters on them. Or maybe they're scared. Good. They should be scared. I mean, they can't even see colors!! Imagine if a dog write a poem. It would be like "roses are grey, violets are grey, yapyapyap."

Me: Lol ur so weird


Lol this was really random idk i thought it was funny

Well i have a new poem coming it is called dont tell me what to do.


Im really srry bout that i said im going to get it out for months now but i havent im really srry but im am working on it now i promise!

Lol ok well bye!

Love, ally




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