Third Part

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Days passed by and it was already December 31st… was New Years Eve. Just a week after the incident. Eren will be celebrating the New Year in the hospital. Of course… he wouldn’t be seeing fireworks this year. As he waited, Eren heard the door creak open. Wanting to see who it was, he raised his head, and saw Levi.

“Oh, hi…” He said with a gloomy expression. “What brings you here?”

“I’ll be celebrating the New Year with you brat.”

“What? I mean… how about your family?” He asked.

Levi sighed. “They said they’d be dealing with a few errands so… it actually feels lonely, so I want to spend the time with you and your family.”

“Really? That’s great to hear!” Eren stated with enthusiasm.

“Yeah. I have some chips here, if you want.” He handed a pack of cheetos to Eren. It’s a big pack of chips. They probably cost a lot.

“Thank you.” Eren said as he caught it.

“You’re certainly welcome.” Levi replied back. As Eren was opening the bag of chips, Levi brought out a familiar notebook, or rather, sketchpad. That’s when Eren realized it belonged to him.

“Levi?! Where did you get that?!” Eren asked in panic. Of course, who wouldn’t panic? It’s his sketchbook, and how on earth did he even get that?!

“Your mother showed it to me.” That was his simple answer. “She said it would be nice if I knew of your talents.”

“Really?!” He kind of blushed and looked down.”

“Your drawings are impressive Eren…” He said. “It’s better seeing it traditionally that the camera picture since the effort is much more visible here…”

“Thank you…” Eren said, again as he ate from the bag of cheetos Levi handed to him.

“You’re welcome. Anyway, are fireworks bad for you??” Levi asked as he closed Eren’s sketchpad, and sat by his bedside.

Eren sighed a bit, remembering a few events to when he was watching fireworks. Well… it’s bad. All of them are bad experiences. “It actually depends…” Eren told him in a lie, but he had to say what he was doing in the new years just to hide that lie. “Every New Year’s eve, my family and I would tend to go to a silent place to celebrate the New Year. Even if we had no fireworks or whatsoever, all we had is a stick that would tend to burn up sparks… that’s all. I’m not allowed to be exposed to loud noises.”

“So, you haven’t seen a firework yet?”

“Once, but that almost gave me a heart attack because of the loud banging sound it produced.” Eren said, as he reminisced the time when he was a child. It was New Year, and fireworks sparked everywhere, but because of the loud sound that made his heart beat quite uncomfortably, he did not last for 3-5 minutes due to that and was immediately brought to the hospital for treatment. Of course, Eren explained the situation to Levi, as thoroughly as possible, just in order for him to understand that he might die if there are fireworks.

“I see. What do you say we go up the rooftop of the hospital and watch the fireworks with your family?” Levi suggested.

“Are you sure?? But what if…”

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