#1 ~ A Day of Darkness

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Harry's POV

I woke up still in the dark. I didn't know what the hell was going on and the only way I could tell the time was by staring at the analogue clock in front of me with fluorescent green numbers that read 8:36 am.

I was bored and I sat watching the clock's numbers change... Till it turned off.

I frowned, why did it turn off? I felt a familiar pair of hands ghost across my skin, the hands were warm at the moment.

I stayed in place knowing that if this was my captor then I would be in a lot of trouble for saying something I shouldnt.

The fingers brushed lips, the bottom one then carressing my lips before his lips were on mine again. I kissed back, I knew better than to make the person keeping you hostage angry. The only way to survive was acting as though I liked what he was doing.

The lips then went away, a cool and firm object resting against the borders of my mouth. I stayed still, hearing a familiar crunching noise that made me realise I was being fed

The food then returned to me andI opened up, digging my teeth into whatever it was, a sweet juice beginning to fill my mouth... It was an apple.

I presume I'd finished the apple because then he left me in the darkness with no more than a love bit... Disgusting

??? POV

I sat in front the lad, only able to see a slohuette of his features. He was handsome, brilliant green eyes darkened because of the sunlight I'd taken him away from. He took a large bite of the apple I'd offered him, not seeming to mind that earlier I'd taken a bite from it

He finished it slowly, my arm was numb by the time he'd finished eating the fruit.

I kissed his lips then moved my own further down, leaving a small lovebite on his collar bone. As I moved away I heard a small thought run through his mind


I left, of course he thoght I was disgusting... I have him tied up in a chair in only boxers. He probably hasn't even realised yet.

He'll warm up to me though... I know that he will

It's all just a matter of time


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