chapter 4 PT:2

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Jasmines POV

I don't understand how my feet even managed to move but I was out the door and into the halls there was a sudden awkwardness in the air. I was just walking beside Harry and he was just starring at me.

"So let me see your schedule"

he pulled the schedule out of my hands and read it out loud.

"Let's see huh we have all of our classes to tether except for two"

Just my luck to have classes with Harry. Thank god today is the last day or I would be fucked!

Harry's POV

The way jasmine looked at me kind of hurt yea i know that gemma had told her many things about me but that did not give her a reason to hate me! But i had some how thought of a plan to get her to like me.

"hey harry"

Liam spoke kind of sad but i needed him to see her for he could give me an honest opinion of course not of her he wasn't like that he was the nice one the one that got all the girls but he was a good friend.

"hey Liam"

i gave him a high five he turned around and started to walk with us of course him not seeing that i was with Jasmine.

"so what have you been up to harry?"

"ha me you know exactly what i have been up to"

i winked a liam he knew who i was talking about

"excuse me aren't you suppose to be giving mm a tour of the school?"

"well well well who do we have here"

"my name is Jasmine harry is suppose to be giving me a tour of the school and of course he is not doing a good job"

"well Miss.Jasmine may i say you look astonishing today and my name is Liam don't mind harry hes always like this "

Liam's POV

After that huge fight with my English teacher i decided to go find harry he was always in the office so it wouldn't be that hard.

I saw him walking in the halls but completely ignored the fact that there was a girl besides him. She spoke so i made conversation and gave her a compliment since harry would never do that.

She was okay nothing like Harry had described her I wondered how long they where seeing each other. I sure hope my girlfriend was not around the halls viridiana wasn't the jealous type but I still respected her in every way shape or form possible.

Jasmines POV

Man can these boys stay in silence for a long time no wonder they are good friends thank god the bell rang I kind of figured the school out we did walk around for a while it was kind of hard not to get the hang of the school I was a really smart person not to be cocky.

Second period was art I could never be artistic but art and writing where my escape from everything that had happened in the past. I walk in the glares where massive I walk to the desk at the front of the room and hand my pass to the teacher she gives me the best simle I've seen on a teacher.

"So your the new girl"

"With all due respect mam is prefer for you to call me Jasmine"

"I'm just pulling your leg relax you got lucky it's the last day of school"

She quickly got up to qiute down the class.

"Students quite down now we have a new student and id like for you guys to say hello"

The class mimicked her and said hello I was just standing there lifeless I was never the new girl this felt really werid.

"Now honey don't just stand there have a seat"

she pointed at a half empty table with what look like delinquents I thought about every step I took but eventually I got to the table.

"hi I'm Zayn and this is Jessica and Karla" they both smiled and cleared way for me to sit down

"so where are you from" Zayn asked me with a huge smile on his face

"I'm from Colorado "

there faces where priceless Karla's mouth opened and nothing came out so Zayn stepped in and said,

"wow that's far why"

"because my mom got a job transfer so i had no choice"

"ohhhhh are you a junior too"

"yea thank god'


"because the sooner i graduate the sooner ii can get out of my house"

"so your name is jasmine right" Karla asked i was surprised she spoke

"yea" i smiled back

"have you made any friends"

"no not really i talk to Gemma but shes graduating so"

"Gemma isn't that harry styles sister"

'yea shes kind of my neighbor"

"ohhh" they all huddled in a group and whispered it was funny but weird

"well how would you like to be our friend" all three at them spoke at the same time i couldn't really figure out what they where saying it took me a while but i got it

"umm yea that sounds great thanks"

"kay so we soon to be senors are skipping the rest of school you in"

"where are we going"

"your house"

" huh what why umm every one"

"no no no just us and a couple other people just for a while till the school police stops looking for us"

it took me a while to think about it but i finally said yes they hugged me and started textting people.

"so what time do we leave zayn" Jessica asked while on the phone

"after this class tell them to meet us around Karla's"

The bell rang and it was the moment of truth time to ditch for the first time ever i scared my palms where really sweaty i couldn't even think straight

"relax your going to be fine just follow zayn"

"are you sure Karla I've never done this before"

"trust me we've done this many of times"

You could tell that they have i walked in front of Karla following Jessica they went throughout the gym and through the back door before i know it we are out and walking towards my house my god was that something.

once we arrived at my house there was a group of people out side of Harry's house

"time to meet new people" Karla smiled and pulled me towards the crowed

"hey about time you guys arrived i was starting to worry" some guy spoke i couldn't see his face.

"so wheres the party"

what a party they said it was just for a little while!


hope you liked this update :) tried to make it long this time.

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