Never Family

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I've never seen Hannah like this, she wasn't her. This wasn't her fault, it wasn't anyone's fault, yet  I wanted to blame someone. I guess Niall is the only one to blame here.

A officer walked into the bedroom, " Mrs.Johnson, do you think you could give us a statement?" Before I could reply Harry spoke up, "She's not readt yet, are you?" he said turning towards me. "I'll be okay, I'll tell them what I told you.." I said while getting up from the bed. "Are you sure?" Hannah asked while giving me a worried look. "Yes. I'll be fine." I replied back.

After an hour of questioning from the police I sat in the waiting room waiting for my dad to pick me up. I let out a sigh of relief as I watched him finally walk in. I wasn't happy to see him, only because he already knew what happened. He looked around the room, scanning it until he locked eyes with me. He ran over and grasped my shoulders, pulling me into a hug. "Are you okay?" he whispered into my ear. I drew back, "Yes. I just have a bruise on my cheek." pointing towards my left cheek. "I should have never let you gone! It's all my faul- wait no. It isn't! It's that girls fault! Hannah! And that little boyfriend of yours!" He started to shout as he took my wrist and began dragging me out the police station.

"Get in, when we get home we'll have much to talk about."

The whole ride back home was silence. I cant believe he'd even try to blame my bestfriend and boyfriend. It's only so he doesn't have to take all the gulit. "We're home." my dad said as he unbuckled himself. "Yeah, sure...home." even though I've been living here for just around 3 weeks now, it still wasn't home. It never will be. I miss my mom, and step-dad. Even demon girl. I walked into the house and sat down, knowing I couldn't run away from my dad's questions.

He sat down across from me, "I don't think you should be seeing those.. friends of yours." he spoke.

"What?" I questioned in disbelief. "I checked your grades, you're failing two classes. Plus, you never spend time with family." "FAMILY?" I shouted. "YOU CALL THIS A FAMILY? YOUVE BEEN GONE FOR YEARS. IS THIS WHAT YOU CALL A FAMILY? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? THIS ISNT A FAMILY. YOURE NOT FAMILY. YOU WERE NEVER THERE WHEN I NEEDED YOU. I CALLED YOU ALMOST EVERY DAY AND THEN I FINALLY GAVE UP. OH IM FAILING CLASSES? EVERYONE IS. BETTER THAN DROPPING OUT, SO EXCUSE YOU. I CAN HANG OUT WITH WHO I WANT JUST BECAUSE I WAS ALMOST RAPE-" I stopped mid sentence. Everything started to almost.. come to me. I was almost raped. "I'm going to bed." I said finally. Walking to my room I looked over my shoulder only to see my father sitting alone at a table with his face in his hands.

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