Naruto: Uchiha Chronicles VI

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Uchiha Chronicles

Episode VI

Team Two is gathering back to the gates of the forest. As they gather Riyuko notices Kenra's hand is covered in bandages. Riyuko shrugs and turns his attention toward the gate.

Riyuko: You guys ready to rule hell?

Kenra: Last one to the camp is first on night watch.

Miaki: Ready when you guys are.

Kenra: I like how you're not reluctant to go in anymore.

Miaki: Well, you guys have my back. And know that I got yours.

Kenra smirks.

Kenra: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go.

Team Two enters the forest, while Yazu is standing behind a tree smiling.

Yazu: They are really coming along together.

The team has been in the forest for another month. Their time in training is close to complete. A group of tigers are chasing Riyuko and he's evading the ones that are close to attack him.

Riyuko: I'm sorry that I've done this to you guys but my team is hungry.

Immediately Kenra and Miaki pounce on two of the tigers and kill them. The rest of the tigers stop and gaze at Kenra and Miaki with fierce intent.

Kenra: They're deaths will not go to waste. But if you stay here, you too will die.

He looks back at the tigers with malice and kill intent. The tigers sense that he is dangerous and start to retreat. Riyuko exhales deeply.

Riyuko: Kenra, you're starting to creep me out man. That look isn't something you picked up here from training.

Kenra: Really?

Riyuko: My master could tell how long someone's killed people. And you my friend have a seasoned death stare.

Kenra: Your master sounds like a cool guy unlike a certain student of his I know.

Riyuko chuckles then friendly shoves Kenra. Team two gather the two tigers one by one and bring them to their campsite. The team made their campfire and after skinning the animals they cooked them.

Miaki: I know it's a part of our survival but it feels wrong to eat a tiger.

Kenra: Yeah, well they've been hunting all our food and the fish have all gone to another location in the forest. There are more poisonous plants than there are edible ones here.

Miaki: I know. But still.

Riyuko: Miaki, I get it. But we had to do something about them anyway. Remember, they were hunting us for a long time.

Miaki: Fine, but i still don't like it.

The three of them laugh and continue to eat. Kenra suddenly stops eating and throws a kunai into a bush near the campsite. He then immediately dashes out of his spot and tackles a masked figure and the two of them roll down towards the river at the top of a waterfall. The figure moves his head around and dashes with blinding speed. Kenra blocks all incoming attacks and overpowers the figure with very heavy attacks. Kenra has the figure on the ropes until he feels another presence behind him about to attack. Riyuko is immediately behind Kenra and blocks the other figure's attack with his sword. Riyuko takes his fight with Figure two down the waterfall. Kenra is pushing his opponent back with tremendous offense. The figure is now retreating but Kenra stops him and unleashes a flurry of attacks while weaving hand signs. The Figure finally stops Kenra's attack only to see he made a fire ball in the midst of their battle. Kenra incinerates his opponent completely.

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