When Harry and I walked into the room to go see Sadie he saw her sitting there with Niall and her hands bleeding. He broke down in front of her and cried even more. "Sadie I am so sorry for whatever I did that made you want to kill yourself i am so so so so sorry for being a bad boyfriend I am so sorry for kissing you this morning I am so sorry about being brought into your life I'm sorry." Harry said and then put his head onto her knees. 

"Harry it's not your fault, I told you about my family and everything that happened, It is not you fault, my life sucks right now and I am so grateful that you got put into my life, and I am so so so sorry that i pretty much just raped you and that you think it is your fault i just tried to.. you know." Sadie said to Harry.

Sadie stood up and grabbed Harry's hand. "This is not because you want me to, it is because I know i need it right now and I think you do to." Sadie said to Harry as she lightly kissed his lips. "I am so so so sorry Harry, I- I love you babe." 

"I love you to and that will never change, me and you we need to talk alone soon and I will be completely honest with you about everything, I just think it will be easier to do alone." Harry said to Sadie. 

Niall and I left the room so that they can talk. 

*Harry's POV*

"So Sadie." 

"So, Harry. What do you need to talk to me about?" She said to me as she sat on my lap.

"Well as you know Kimberly came in and talked to me before, I do not think you are a slut,  I do not think of you as my sex slave, and if it seems like this i am so so so so so extremely sorry I am not trying to get sex out of you all the time. I am so so so so so so sorry Sadie." I said to her as she started to cry a little bit. 

"It's ok Harry. But this morning would have been fun its just that last night I got relay scared and woke up really scared and having sex this morning was not happening." She said to me.

"What happened last night?" I asked her.

"I had a dream that pictures of me and you having sex somehow got out and a lot of people were treating me and I was being called a slut, whore, skank, and everything in between. And I thought it was all real." 

"Nothing like that would ever happen." I said to her.

"Yeah i know but.. still." she said back.

"Then trying to kill yourself just now, what was that about?" I asked her.

"Life, it sucks. Nobody likes me, my family is gone, and I pretty much just raped you." She said.

"your life may suck right now but it will get better i promise and not everyone in life is going to like you but you have 7 people that love you right now and that will never change, your family may be gone right now and it might not be ok, but you have me the boys Kimberly and Eleanor, think of us as your family. And you did not rape me babe, I might not have wanted you to do it but, whatever. We love you and that will never change please remember that." I said to her. 

"Thank you Harry. I love you so much. You have done so much for me and I am so grateful to have you and the boys come into my life. If it was not for you, Kimberly, and Niall. I could have been up with my family right now. But right now that is not where I want to be, I don't want to be dead, I want to be here with you." She said to me.

"Well your welcome but you should really thank Kimberly and Niall they really saved you I just kind of stood there and cried. But I love you to babe and I am so happy to have you in my life to." I said as i kissed her cheek. 

She turned her head to she was facing me, we bumped foreheads then we were kissing. 

"Fuck it Harry I don't care anymore." She said,

"What do you mean?" I said back.

She kissed me on the lips and we just kind of had a little make out sesh. I did not mind I think that's what I needed. To feel even a little part of us connect again, and make me feel like she really did still love me. 

"I love you Mr. Harry Styles." She said,

"I love you to Sadie." I said back. "I think its time to let them back in they are going to wondering what is going on in here." 

We both got up and I held her hand as we went to the door. 

"You guys can come back in." I said to them.

"Ok." Niall said. 

"So I see you to made up." Kimberly said.

"And made out." Sadie said back. 

We all laughed and we finished packing our stuff to get back onto the bus and leave to go finish our drive to Cali. 

"Guys its time to check out." Zayn said as he knocked on the door. 

"Ok we are coming." I said back to him. 

We all grabbed our luggage and walked out the door, and onto the bus. "Liam your driving." I said to him. 

"Fine with me!" He said back. 

We put all of our stuff back onto the bus we all sat in the back put on a movie and then we were off, back to finish our long drive to beautiful California.

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