After That Kiss

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Her eyes flew open as her lips connected with his. In front of her was her prince, her savior, her true love; his light green eyes shone brightly as he slowly pulled back. Memories of their old days together flashed back between both of them as they gazed into each other's eyes.

"My princess," Eric said softly as his lips touched her forehead. This was the day everyone been waiting for, the day where their beautiful princess, Aurora, wake up from her sleep, destroyed the curse, and together with prince Phillip - rule the Kingdom. Aurora's heart felt warm and safe - no danger can come to both of them now. The curse was lifted.

Suddenly, the oak door collapsed - dusts and tiny pieces of wood were everywhere. Phillip turned around and drew his sword. Aurora pushed herself up but she failed. After ten whole years of endless sleep, her body has not yet awakens up completely, causing her to fell on the cold stone floor. Her vision started to become blurred, as her energy was not fully restored. She could see Phillip's figure in front of her with his bright silver sword out; however, he is not alone.

At the doorway stood a figure that was wearing a long dark dress; in her hand was a tall staff that Briar recognized. The staff of the dark crow - it is the thirteen's witch most powerful weapon.

A sharp screech sound of the witch's laugh filled the room as Phillip collapsed. Dark mist surrounded him and Phillip cried out in pain.


Her voice got the witch's attention, causing her to walk toward Aurora. Aurora tried to sit up again but due to her body which have done nothing for a long time and her being scared - she found herself not be able to move at all.

"Aurora," the witch smiled as she stroked Aurora's face. Aurora could feel the witch's dry finger slowly drained out her energy.

"As beautiful as always, it's sad how there will not be a man to own a mistress as beautiful as you are," the witch said.

"Where are you taking him?" Aurora forced her eyes to remain open.

"Since I also adored you as a child, I'll give you thirteen moons time to find the royal staff and give it to me at the ruin castle," the witch purred softly, "You think you can do that for me?"

The royal staff is the most powerful weapon in the kingdom and only the king has the right to own it. Being the previous king's daughter, Aurora could never to that.

"What if I can't do that," Aurora replied.

The witch started laughing, "Of course, why would a princess sacrificed everything for her love? A true leader put his duty before everything; Aurora, things has changed while you were asleep."

"W-What do you mean?"

Aurora forced herself to remain conscious.

"People suffer everyday in your kingdom, crops are dying, there is no rain, there are fighting everywhere. It is all because of the curse," the witch laughed.

Aurora's eyes widen, she thought the curse has already been lifted. The witch seemed to notice this.

"The curse can only be lifted when the princess woke up and married the prince in front of the goddess's altar. I don't see how that is happening since I have your prince with me"

"But if the curse is lifted, you will lost all your power," Aurora repeated what she have heard from her mother before.

That thought caused Aurora to wonder if her family is still alive. Aurora felt a sudden urge to throw up.

"That is why I need the royal stuff, dear," the witch gave her a pity look. "If you do not help me, your people will hate you and they will suffer and you will never meet your prince or your family"

"Also," the witch stood up, "If you do help me, your people will suffer and accused you of being a traitor; however, you will see your prince and your family again".

Aurora could not reply to that. Either way the witch will win, either way the kingdom will suffer. Her eyelids started to become heavier and heavier.

"Goodbye, Aurora," and that was the last thing she heard before she was once again - asleep.


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